Exclusive Secrets of an Unstoppable Viral Marketing Mogul

Viral marketing, aka word of mouth advertisement, has been around since the invention of sales, when the first rock was sold by Fred, the caveman. If you get a good deal on a product you like you will tell people about it. Popularized in the New York Times bestseller, The Tipping Point (aff), viral marketing is exactly what it sounds like, contagious.

This site deals with personal development and takes into account the experiences of successful people of the past and present; helping you to achieve the future that you desire.

One such successful person presents himself as a self proclaimed “dot com mogul” and I do not oppose him in his claims as he is truly a great example of successful viral marketing.

In this day and age, people are so saturated with advertisements that anything that resembles a marketing gimmick is usually taken as an obstruction of privacy and deemed as a pestilence. Today I tell you the secret of marketing success, and present you with a great example of such a person.

It’s easy to see why certain people are naturally successful, when you meet them in person. They’re tall, handsome and blind you with their charisma. You know that someone is vibrating on all the right frequencies and resonating with success when you can’t even see them, yet you can feel their charisma ooze out and touch you through their writing.

The person I speak of does not have any extraordinary talents and his secret isn’t really much of a secret; its his undeniably service to his readers. While at first glance you may see him as a door to door salesman, rambling on about reviews, technology and blogging, it won’t take you any further than a single post to see that he is much more. That is a challenge.

His carefree demeanor allows him to emit a high level of stress relief, while he sweeps us away from our daily routines and entertains us. All the content is fresh due to his knack for capturing the latest buzz, but its his presentation that keeps you curious and is what keeps you coming back on a daily basis.

You can go to his site, or not, it doesn’t matter to me. The point that I want you to walk away with is that when you are truly passionate about someone or something than you’ll love waking up and will greet each day as the precious gift that it is. That is the magnetic force that attracts people to you. However, if you are curious about this example of viral marketing, that has spread even to me, then you may visit him at John Chow dot com.

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    Okay let’s talk about marketing for a minute. To begin with, I’m going to break an unspoken comment rule … I’m going to criticize the article for eluding to John Chow as a Viral Marketing Mogul, he is not, there is nothing note worthy on his website … it’s all in-your-face traditional marketing and promotion. I will go one step further, the guys commenting on your blog above are getting more out of it than John Chow because the are using this article to promote their own website (though they are doing it poorly) and in fact the first two posts were made by the same person, he wanted to ensure his comment was not deleted so he left only positive comments … now let the test begin. 😮