Achieving Your Dreams – One Step at a Time

One of the basic human dilemmas is that people often have ambitious goals, some of them are larger than life, but standing at the foot of a mountain could be a bit intimidating. So what can we do?

Achieving your dreams is merely the process of taking your intentions and transforming that energy, through action, into the physical realm. Action being the intermediary step, the one that requires much work, is what is usually the cause of man’s inability to follow through – from intention to acquisition.

The Painted Picture

Looking at the big picture (before taking an action), makes it difficult to start and easy to procrastinate; what follows is a look at the little picture.

When you consider the act of achieving a superb figure and astounding fitness level, you may experience opposing emotions. You feel happy and excited for the potential that your body is capable of and the marvelous benefits of acquiring such a physique. Alternatively, you may experience depression, because you are unsure if you are capable of achieving such greatness. This stems from not believing that you can follow through with such admirable goals.

You may have a desire to save money for a house, a car, an investment, but when faced with the actual amount that you may have to put away, your enthusiasm shrinks.

You may have a desire to be in a wonderful relationship, but when struck with the actualization that you may have to participate in dozens of courtships and possible rejections, you feel discouraged.

Baby Steps and Smiles

Before you give up on your body, your savings, and mankind, I would like to offer you my paradigm. Taking baby steps, and enjoying every moment, challenge, and laugh that comes your way is the key to not only overcoming great obstacles, but also to enjoying the journey.

If you can relish in the heat, sweat and exhaustion of just one single exercise and when you can feel the endorphins pumping through your veins, you can achieve that body. Time, your only true possession, gives you the ability to multiply your efforts, by time itself. Given that time does go by quickly, you’ll see your payoff sooner than you think.

If you can save on something small everyday, over the course of one, five, ten years; you save a lot. Multiply that by the amount of small things you waste your money on each day and the savings really add up. For example, instead of buying a bagel at the deli for breakfast every morning for $1 for a total of $5 per week, you buy 5 bagels and butter at the supermarket for a total of $2.50. You save $2.50 a week, ~$10 a month, ~$125 a year, ~$1250 in ten years, based on this one habit. How many daily savings can you think of?

Dating, relationships, rejections. If you think of it from the point of view of how hard it’s going to be and how much pain you’ll experience, you won’t have the right mindset to achieve success. If you treat each single date, person, and day as a wonderful and unique experience, you get so many moments and lessons out of it. The rest hasn’t happened yet and won’t matter until it does.

So smile, never stop taking baby steps, with time you will achieve great things.

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  • Sania Wyatt

    I guess some people are like me. I’ve a bad habit of spending money on petty things. 🙁

  • Alex Shalman

    Spending on petty things is one thing… you know what’s worse? The dreaded late fees. Now that’s a waste!

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  • Beautiful Scraps

    Yeah.. I agree

    SImple.. Take a big task.. Divide it into smaller task

    Achieve one task at time.. and soon you will see.. the Big task is over right in front of your eyes!