You Click A Button – I Donate A Dollar

Today marks the 3 month anniversary of this Practical Personal Development site. This project has been a lot of fun for me and has helped me grow more than I imagined. In order to celebrate I have decided to contribute money to the charity of YOUR choice.

Here is how you can get me to donate $1:

Link to this post and from your blog. You must use the line “Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development (a blog about self help and personal growth) is hosting a Donation Contest in which you press a button and he donates a dollar”, with all links intact and any additional things you would like to say. I choose this specific sentence in order to build search engine rankings, in a plan to have my dollar go a long way.

You post about the contest in your blog and I donate a dollar. That’s a total of $1 going to charity! My budget for this charity project is $500 so feel free to be generous and spread the word of this donation contest around to other bloggers.

How do YOU get to decide?

In exactly 1 month, on April 15th I will be randomly selecting a person that has linked to this contest. I will contact them and let them pick a legitimate charity of their choice! If this contest goes very well I have plans to acquire more funding to increase the donation love.

The more people that participate, the more good will that is spread around. So, tell a friend or ten and we’ll contribute to a good cause.

[edit] If you checked the blog between 10:30 – 11:30am on 3/15 there was mention of adding this blog to technorati favorites in order for me to donate an extra dollar. I decided to do away with that part of the contest and perhaps do something with it at another time. Linking to the blog with the key sentence is the way to get the donation going.

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