Why You Should Just Get Over It

“The moment I start hating man, I become his slave”

A quote from Dr. McMillen, that resides right on my computer wallpaper. It serves me as a reminder, that by staying mad I’m really only hurting myself. Whenever I feel like someone wronged me, I see this quote and leverage it to feel alive. When I say feel alive, I mean fully experience my emotions and than let them go, instead of dwelling on them.

How many times have you gotten angry at somebody, and stayed angry for a long time? At your ex-boyfriend, boss, commute, or a stranger that looked at you the wrong way. Whether you bottle it up, or go on and on about it, you’re becoming their slave. By engrossing yourself in such thoughts, you are stressing yourself out, and continuing the situation in your world.

Can’t go to sleep at night because you are so mad? Guess what? The person you are mad at is at home, sound asleep. This means they win and you lose. Want to win? Take a deep breath and exhale the very thought of them. Just let your mind be calm, or keep it occupied with something fun, educational, or productive.

Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation. Yes, I’m quoting Benjamin Franklin from the Becoming Outstanding series on the virtue of Silence. These situations are the reason he set this virtue as one of his life goals. So he wouldn’t waste his breath, energy, and time by going on about insignificant problems.

What better way to become more productive, improve your time management, and your relationship with yourself than gaining freedom. Stop being their slave and just get over it!

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