My Experience With The Landmark Forum

It was the beginning of August 2006, and being the college student that I was, I stuck to a tight budget. One of my dear friends had mentioned a seminar a few months prior. He attended this seminar as a teen, went to some follow up seminars, and in turn accredited his amazing character and productivity from what he had learned there.

The seminar had caught my interest immediately, as I was already submersed into the world of personal development, and this info coming from one of my mastermind group members was well received. It took me a few months before I made the monetary commitment ($440) to attend this 3.5 day seminar.

My Review: Life altering, phenomenol experience from which there is no turning back.

I haven’t heard of any seminars like that! From what I understand they don’t spend a penny on advertising, but they always fill up seminars with casual groups of 75-250. It all works on word-of-mouth.

So what did you get out of it? I got that in order for me to stay commited to myself, my actions, and my true goals I must approach them with a character of unshakable integrity.

Is integrity the only thing they teach? No, not by a long-shot. The great thing about this Landmark is that everyone can get something unique out of the experience. A good way to approach it is by bringing something with you that you want to “change”. They don’t like the word change, they prefer to say that you create possibilities for yourself.

Independent research claims, that Landmark graduates report major positive results in the following areas:

  • The quality of their relationships.
  • The confidence with which they conduct their lives.
  • The level of their personal productivity.
  • The experience of the difference they make.
  • The degree to which they enjoy their lives.

They can add me to that statistic, because I have personally experienced each of these points.

Ok, I’m curious, tell me what it is!

What I have been sharing with you is my experience with The Landmark Forum, a seminar of Landmark Education. This organization is based all over the world with many convenient times and locations. They offer really neat follow-up seminars on a variety of subjects, that run $110 for 10, once-a-week, sessions. They’re really professional and nice, the way a “company” should be run. I promise, they aren’t a cult! They really are doing a great thing. You can even attend a free introduction near you and see if you like the atmosphere.

Give it a try (or not). I get nothing out of this but the satisfaction of knowing that you are going to get the experience of your life.

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  • Aaron M. Potts


    One of the members of my mastermind group has been to several of the Landmark functions, and he swears by them. After reading through their materials and hearing about other people’s successes, I would probably recommend them site unseen.

    For me personally, I am going to put my next time and financial investment into joining the Rosicrucian Order, but that’s because they teach a specific belief system that I am interested in.

    I would recommend Landmark (or the Rosicrucian Order) to anyone who was looking to take their education and experience to the next level.

  • Vasuki

    I think the landmark forum is a scam, ripping people of their hard earned money. On top of that, its almost like a MLM system. It pitches you against someone you know closely (friend, relative, family), and sucker you into bringing this someone into the forum. More money gutted down. Ofcourse you would disagree, and thats why they make vanilla and chocolate.

  • Alex Shalman

    I disagree with you, and not because this is a case of vanilla/chocolate (differences). It isn’t MLM because the members do not make any money for getting people to come.

    I paid a set amount of money for a service, and I got my money’s worth. I am very satisfied with the service, and so is everybody that I’ve talked to. How can it be a scam if I got what I paid for? There is no rip off, no con.

  • GP

    I did the Forum many years ago and did the original EST training I found it very valuable, “it’s easier to ride the horse the direction it’s going in… Keep your agreements and be on time”

    THe BEST seminar was the 6-day course… they dont have that anymore… that alone was worth doing the training

  • truth

    Landmark is a very controversial group that has nothing to do really with education or business

    See this link before you let them mess with your mind or your business.

    I noticed the last few days many posts/blogs like this.

    This is just a sub-rosa campaign to get an interest going.

    It is really a part of LE’s lack of full disclosure.

    Pretty much in truth spam

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