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Making money starts in the mind

This is a guest post from Steven Aitchison who writes the blog; Change your thoughts

Most people want more money in their lives, it is one of the human passions: the pursuit of more money. How can the richest 1% of the of the adult population control 40% of the worlds wealth? It’s a mindset and a thirst.

We all have the same ability as Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Tom Hunter, Bill gates, Warren Buffet and Prince Alwaleed; so why are we are not all as rich as them. Most of us don’t want to be as rich as them but we do want more money. We need to change our thoughts about money before we ever stand a chance of making more money.

Limiting beliefs

Whether we realise it or not we all have a limiting belief about money and we live within that limiting belief. For example; a homeless drug addict has the limiting belief that all he needs is the next fix and he will be okay, when they get it they again think all they need is another fix and that’s how they go on until something in their mind changes.

We are not dissimilar in terms of our mindset to a homeless drug addict. A lot of us think all we need is the mortgage paid, food on the table, all our bills paid, some essentials for the kids and we will be okay until the next pay day. That’s okay to have that mindset but it’s not okay if we are pursuing money. So we need to change our thinking about money before we even try and make some more money.

Here are a few things we can do to change our mindset and make more of the green stuff:

  • Ask yourself everyday how you could make more money. I wrote a post a few days ago 5 ways to make money without selling your body giving tips on how you can market yourself. There are a million ways to make extra money. If you make an extra £100 per month then you can double it to make an extra £200 per month and you can double it again. The more money you make the easier it gets to make more money. You might have heard the saying ‘money goes to money’ this is because people who are in the habit of making money expect more money to come in and think of more ways to make it and they naturally attract it.
  • Always have money in your wallet or purse. This is a psychological habit to get into but if you always have money in your wallet or purse you mind is always saying I have got money instead of ‘I have no money, I will need to go to the bank’. This is a law of attraction thing but it really does work and sets your mind up for wealth.
  • Save a little money every single week and set it up so that you do not even see the money before you save it. Have money go straight from your current account into a savings account via direct banking. This way you won’t even see the money. It’s a strange thing but we always get by on what we’ve got. If you save £10 every week I guarantee you won’t even miss it. After a few months you might look at the savings account and notice you have over £100 in it, this might spur you on to save even more. You add another £10 per week to your automated savings, check after a few months to see if you are really missing it, if not add another £10 and so on. This gets you into the habit of saving without having to hand over money.
  • You will have heard this a million times; pay off your credit cards! Pay them off the same way as above; automate it, depending on how much credit you have pay a set amount every week, not every month, but every week. Cut the card up, if you can’t do this or won’t do this then you are clearly not ready to make more money. Until you are ready to make money you won’t make it.
  • Don’t live from month to month. Live your life as if you’re preparing for your future retirement and you want to retire at 50 or 60 or whatever age you think. When we live from month to month we spend what we have, when we live for the future we spend a little more wisely.
  • Never forget your loved ones. It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of money but don’t forget the ones you love and don’t make the pursuit of money an excuse for not being with them more.

These are only a few tips to change your mindset about having more money. Always be on the lookout for a chance, never be afraid to market yourself and don’t forget the ones you love.

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  • Carissa Ann

    Thanks for the advice. I’m an avid investor, and, unfortunately, the US economy – unlike you lucky Brits – is really shot to sh*t right now.

    In fact, I’ve posted a mock 4-part series entiteld “How to Make Money Traveling Through Time” at – it seems now that dumping money from re-inventing the wheel into a high yield savings through impossible tactics like time travel is the only way to get ahead anymore…

    Part 3 and the Conclusion coming this week.


  • Jonathan

    I like everything here except for the bit on Credit Cards. So many financial advisers bash on the use of Credit Cards, it’s almost cliche. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a credit card as long as you’re not overspending or living beyond your means.

    If you’re in debt, and can’t use a credit card responsibly, then I agree, cut it up, and start paying off that debt.

    I use my credit cards responsibly – I really only use one, and pay it off in full every month. It helps me keep track of my spending, plus I get .5% to 1% cash back on every purchase. On top of that, I have interest bearing checking, so using a credit card helps me leverage that interest. It’s marginal of course and I’m well aware of that, but I think it gets me in a better mindset – just like the ‘keep money in your wallet’ suggestion.

  • David deSouza

    Some great advice.

    I think its all about doing the small things, like not having that cup of starbucks coffee everyday, which a year will save you around 1000 pounds.

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  • cottage

    I think everyone is up for making more money.. and it starts with saving correctly .. so i support that idea.

    the other thing i like is the automatic savings account – where cash is moved every pay check … i hardly even notice it being taken away – but then a year or two later – bamo there’s som cash saved up.

    keep up the good writing!

  • cottage

    .. being on the topic of money – how Are the auction ads performing for you? – I recently turned it off on my site as it wasn’t generating anything – there were a ton of clicks but nothing materialized.

    just curious

  • nisha

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  • kidkiller87

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