Seven Hacks To Cheat Yourself Into A Good Mood


If you’ve ever been in something other than a good mood (and didn’t find that to be particularly enjoyable) than these hacks are for you. Sometimes it takes a bit of out of the box thinking, a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of silliness to get you out of that grumpy slump; other times its best to stick with the fundamentals.

We all know about the hazards of being in a bad mood, right? Stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, oh and worst of all boredom. Let’s do something good today for your mind, body, and soul – let’s get you in a good mood!

1. Scream out. “I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy!!!!” Try not being happy when you’re saying that! To increase effectiveness, do this while pounding on your chest! Oh and if you do this in public… turn around and wave goodbye to your comfort zone; you’re brave… and crazy πŸ˜‰

2. Drop the facade. It’s hard work not being yourself. You’re constantly watching what you say, and anxious about impressing others. Be yourself around friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances. It’s okay not to be perfect, but being genuine goes a long way.

3. As within, so without. Also known as fake it till you make it. Visualize yourself as happy, having a good time, and even throw in a smile. Your mind won’t know the difference; you’ll trick it into being happy!

4. Exercise. You already knew that exercising increases endorphins, which are your body’s natural chemicals that make you feel euphoric and amazing. But also, you are experiencing fulfillment through goal achievement by working towards your healthiness goal.

5. Keep a happiness log. This is a simple idea and it works wonders. Keep track of things that have made you happy, ecstatic, roll on the floor holding your stomach laughing and all warm and fuzzy inside. Refer back to this list whenever you aren’t in the best of mood. Next step: Reminisce and let nostalgia elevate your mood.

6. Visit the bed bugs. The amount of sleep you get during the day has a lot to do with how good, or bad, you feel. Figure out the optimal amount of hours that your body needs to rest, and get that much. Go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same time each day in order to give your body a proper cycle.

7. Stay Present. This means that in the current moment, in the beauty of life and everything around us, everything is perfect right now. When everything is perfect, there is nothing more to do than be in a good mood! A great resource of learning to stay present is The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.

The Power of Conversation

Now that I have shared my list with you, I would love it if you would share your number one favorite technique with me. Anything at all, no matter how big or how small, if it works for you I want it here in the comment box. Talk to me.

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  • Lodewijkvdb

    #3 is my favorite. Add straightening your back, jumping up, filling your lungs with fresh air. And you’re all ready for #1 πŸ™‚

    In a group with a bad mood, you can try the following (you need some cooperation):
    Get people in a circle facing eachother. Let person 1 say “Ha”, followed by person 2, 3, 4 and so on. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha… In an average group, people won’t last for more than 4 to 5 rounds before totally breaking up in laughter πŸ™‚

  • Anna Kravtsov

    this summer i discovered an interesting phenomenon- usually when i feel sad or just in a bad mood i try to analyze it and attribute it to something.. but honestly sometimes being in a bad mood is simply a matter of chemistry and hormones.. so nowadays if i’m in a bad mood i just let myself be in one and i don’t analyze or attribute it to anything (because when people feel bad there is sometimes a tendency start thinking that things are going wrong in your life, when its really a matter of biology)… and the interesting thing is that eventually the bad mood just lifts on its own… but if the mood persists for a while there are some things that i do:
    a) change the scenery: get out of the house, shut off the comp/tv, just go somewhere ELSE- anywhere- even driving in the car with teh windows down and the music on high will elevate your mood πŸ™‚
    b) go running- which is exactly what you wrote in the blog
    c) have a good cry…. surprisingly crying makes everything better- it releases all that pent up energy
    d)go to bed- everything is always better in the morning.
    e) eat some ice cream (i’m trying to avoid this option, but sometimess i just can’t resist!)

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  • Alex Shalman

    Lodewijkvdb: #3 is great, isn’t it? It almost seems counterintuitive after reading #2. Have you ever told someone to be nice, just to have them reply “I don’t want to be fake”. If you believe you’re nice (or in this case happy), you in fact will be.

    I love your group idea. Image doing this with a group of uptight businessmen at a formal meeting. That’s one way to get things more relaxed!

  • Alex Shalman


    I like your a) change of scenary, if you #5 keep a happiness log, you can keep track of the various places that have made you very happy, and head over there specifically.

    Oh and for e) what flavor do you recommend doctor? =)

  • Anna Kravtsov

    thats a good ideaa.. i’ll try it next time (but hopefully there wont be one for a while heh).. flavors i recommend are my personal favorites which are mint chocolate chip, dulce de leche, pistachio, and rocky road.. altho this option should be used as a last resort of course πŸ˜‰

  • Sophiagurl

    nice choices =) i liked all of them. Lansy led me here btw. nice place. will be back again soon.

  • Alex Shalman

    Thank you Sophia, glad to have you here.

    Feel free to add some of your own “happiness hacks” next time you pop in. =)

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  • leonDale

    my favorite technique is to just breath.
    Breath deep, filling your lungs and relax,
    relax enough to see hope,
    relax enough to see on the other side of your sadness.

  • http://n/a dee

    I love your articles and the comments !! I’m a chronic procrastinator in a bad mood and reading your blog and articles always makes me smile ! Thanks ! Now I should go do something while hollering “I’m happy” !!! hahahahaha
    Seriously, I have found so much good information here. My house, finances and brain are in an overwhelming state of disarray but I’m starting to see what I need to do (or stop doing) to get things done (and cheerfully). =)

    • Alex Shalman

      Thanks for sharing your experience dee. I’m honored that you’ve found such value in this website. =)