Sunday’s Speedlinking 8-5-07


At Alex Shalman . com – Practical Personal Development the Sunday morning tradition is me posting links, to my favorite articles for the week, from OTHER blogs. I feel like this is a good way to bring attention to quality writing that my readers might not get a chance to see otherwise.

For this week my favorite articles are:

  1. Alexander Kjerulf on The 10 Avantages to low rent living.
    1. Freedom to leave a bad job.
    2. Freedom to take a chance.
    3. Freedom to do what I enjoy… and more.
  2. Timothy Ferris on how to lose 20 lbs of fat in 30 days without doing any exercise.
  3. Violent Acres on drastic measures to reduce debt. This ‘rich girl’ went as far as living out of her car and showering at the local gym to pay off her loans – what would you do?
  4. LifeRemix on 100 Greats Ways To Improve Your Life. This is an interesting compilation of 100 posts – all about improving your life. Written by Leo of Zen Habits.

Personal Development Scoop:

If you’ve written, or read a personal development article that you would like to share with us, you now have that opportunity. Please use the contact form to e-mail me a link to the article, so that I can review it for a future Sunday’s Speedlinking.

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