Zen To Done eBook Review

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I’ve just received a copy of Leo Babauta’s freshly released ebook, Zen To Done. I devoured all 83 pages of this book just as soon as it hit my inbox, and I’m glad that I did.

Based on principle’s from David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leo created a new system. The essence of this system is it’s simplicity in crafting habit changes that will serve you for a life time.

What I like about ZTD is that it is practical. You don’t have to have big file storage units or expensive electronic equipment to be effective in your productivity. Anyone can use this, for virtually anything. That’s another thing that I like about Zen to Done, you can mold it to your own style and personal preferences.

Table of Contents:

1 Why ZTD?
2 Overview – What is it?
3 Minimal ZTD – the simpler alternative
4 Forming the 10 Habits
5 Habit 1: Collect
6 Habit 2: Process
7 Habit 3: Plan
8 Habit 4: Do
9 Habit 5: Simple, trusted system
10 Habit 6: Organize
11 Habit 7: Review
12 Habit 8: Simplify
13 Habit 9: Routine
14 Habit 10: Find Your Passion
15 A Day with Zen To Done
17 Resources

Considering that the ebook costs under $10, comes with a money back guarantee, and will save you countless hours throughout your life, I think the risk of not reading it is far greater than spending what you would on a meal.

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