You Can Now Find Me At

To all my beloved readers, I would like to let you know that I can now be found on After speaking with Leon Ho, Craig Childs and Dustin Wax I have decided to become a regular (bi-weekly) contributor.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m jumping ship and abandoning this site. On the contrary, this means that we’ll have some more friends joining us from the lifehack community.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting all my fellow contributors, but you might be able to recognize them from around the blogosphere.

Adrian Savage, Bob Walsh, Craig Childs, Susan Sabo, Tatsuya Nakagawa, Mike St. Pierre, Tejvan Pettinger, Donald Latumahina, Shane Magee, Alex Shalman, Tom O’Leary, Michael Leddy, Marco Adragna, Scott Young.

A great group of writers, all contributing to the 40th most popular blog in the world. Lifehack has been one of my daily reads for almost 2 years now. It is my honor to be a part of this great team.

For my first article you can see how I’ve been able to harness the power of compliments to control conversations. Check it out.

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  • Stephen Hopson


    Congratulations on being a team member over at! Your contribution over there will definitely have a huge impact everywhere. Best wishes for continued success, Alex.

    • Alex Shalman

      Thank you my friend!

  • Donald Latumahina

    Your first article made the Digg front page! Awesome. Congratulations, Alex!