Sunday’s Speedlinking 11-25-07


Tynan at Better Than Your Boyfriend shows us how to properly give thanks to our parents. With thanksgiving just behind us, perhaps it’s time we give thanks to all the special people in our lives.

Me over at Lifehack on How To Use Compliments To Control Communication. Walking the fine line of manipulation.

Rob the Former Fat Guy points us to an anecdotal perfect beverage for weight loss. I’ve been talking about this stuff since I started writing this blog.

Tara Gidus at The Diet Dish serves us with a multitude of benefits that occur from having family meals all the time. She also mentions how to make family meals more welcoming for everyone.

Bethany Sanders of That’s Fit thinks that it may be too expensive to eat right. I think that it’s too expensive NOT to eat right. What do you think?

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