What is Relaxation?

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Editor’s Note: Guest post by Anna Kravtsov.

What does it mean to relax? Is relaxation a person, place, thing?

Many people think that relaxation is a vacation from work, a bubble bath, a movie- but in fact it really depends on many factors. When on vacation are you packing everything into the day? Are you arguing with the significant other who you’re vacationing with? Are you worried about the work that has to be done when you come back? Or are you looking into the ocean, watching the waves crash and thinking that it’s a wonderful life?

After a tough semester I finally have 2 weeks off from school and have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Despite having so much free time w/o many obligations, my mind continues to think and act in the same manner as it does during “school mode.” Despite the lack of tests, it is now concentrating on the many friends I must see, the laundry list of things I need to do which I’ve put off, and all the shopping and presents I have to buy. The past two days I’ve found myself wanting to do something, but thinking of whether I need to do something else before I can get to what it is I want to do. (I probably just confused you). There is always something.

What this all has made me realize is that RELAXATION is actually a state of mind. We can be on vacation and still not be relaxed, or we can be in the middle of 10 finals and be in a state of relaxation.

Relaxation is the ability to not worry about anything- to be completely content in the moment and not think about the past or the future. It is the ability to let the past be in the past, and let the future work itself out. It is a complete state of trust.

Our circumstances change. People change. Everything changes and life constantly throws new challenges our way. We can go with it, or against it. It all depends on our thoughts.
What are you thinking about?

This is a guest post from Anna Kravtsov. She just finished her 2nd year at the UMDNJ medical school.


I know you guys missed me, but today I take my very last final of the semester and look forward to writing some articles here and other sites.

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  • http://www.mindthinksuccess.com Gamy Rachel

    Hello Alex

    I truly agree, no vacation can compared to having a relaxed state of mind and
    not worrying. Well said.


  • http://www.craigharper.com.au Craig Harper

    Toure right Alex. RELAXATION is actually a state of mind
    I believe that relaxation is a direct result of dealing with our fears. Some of the biggies we need to deal with and don’t are:

    * Fear of failure.
    * Fear of disappointing others.
    * Fear of being physically hurt.
    * Fear of embarrassment.
    * Fear of death.
    * Fear of being alone.
    * Fear of being unattractive.
    * Fear of commitment.
    * Fear of being not needed or wanted.
    * Fear of a loved one dying.

    I can’t tell you (specifically) how to deal with your (personal) fears… but I can tell you (from personal and professional experience) that facing up to, and overcoming your fears is one of the most liberating and fulfilling ‘growth experiences’ you will ever have – aka ‘RELAXATION OF THE MIND’.

    • http://www.alexshalman.com Alex Shalman

      Craig, I agree with you, it’s awfully hard to be relaxed when you have fear on your mind. However, I think the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself” 😉

  • http://7pproductions.com/blog Al at 7P

    Nice comment about going with the flow or against it. Reminds me of an essay on “This I Believe” which also was read on the radio by NPR:


  • http://www.emptyyourcup.com/stressrelief Terry

    I must agree with you on relaxation being a state of mind. I can’t tell you how many vacations I’ve been on and been worried about what I need to do when I return or had a day off and worried about all that I need to finish.

    It’s definitely a state of mind in my opinion, it’s impossible to relax if your mind is racing and you’re stressed about all the things that need to be tended to.

    Thanks for the insight.


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  • http://www.lolafayemi.com Lola Fayemi

    This is sooo true! I used to have about 6 holidays a year and still didn’t feel I had enough but nowadays I have more of a relaxed general state of mind so definitely do not NEED them as much, rather it’d be nice to have them.

    In love, light and abundance x x x