Three Ways Dreaming Can Improve Your Blogging


After a night of studying with my best friend, a glass of sweet Ressling wine, and some good sleep on a couch, I had an interesting dream. I woke up, and the first thing I thought to myself was, “Wow, there’s a good blog post! No. There’s TWO great blog posts!”

For a moment I thought to myself, “Ok, this is great, I’m going back to sleep, and when I wake up I’ll write about it.” Have you ever fallen into the trap of having a great idea and promising yourself to remember it and act on it later? That is called LIEING to yourself.

In Never Lose A Great Idea Again, I shared with you some of my techniques for holding on to my ideas. There are some buckets, or places to record your ideas, that work wonders towards remembering and acting on those sparks of genius at a more convenient time.

Sometimes you can’t wait. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the middle of the night and you just find that you’re in a state of flow. You drop everything – you start to write.

By getting myself right up and onto my laptop, instead of just recording my ideas in the moleskin that was laying by my side, I was able to improve my blogging in three ways.

  1. I wrote a post for Lifehack titled Using Questions To Control Communication.
  2. A post for John Chow titled The Power of Blogging, Coffee Cake, and a Dream.
  3. I was inspired to write this post, and remind myself that sometimes it’s important to drop what you’re doing and follow your inspiration.

How has dreaming impacted you in your writing, blogging, or life?
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  • AnnaK

    i like the butterfly

    • Beautiful Scraps

      Ya.. Colourful.. teaching us how to lead a life!

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      Thanks for the heads up.

  • Puneet

    i have read that John Chows article … its awesome one to read and get something from it.