Affiliate Summit In Las Vegas, Why Me?


Our beloved John Chow, the guy who makes money online by telling people he makes money online, is hosting yet another contest. This time John is kind enough to give away a $1,449 ticket to the 2008 Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas.

If you would like to receive this $1,449 ticket, write a post on why you want it, why you deserve it and what you hope to get out of the Affiliate Summit. Then send me the URL send me the URL to the post. The best post will win the ticket.

Affiliate Summit West 2008, Las Vegas, What Is it?

Affiliate summit is the affiliate marketers event of the year. The affiliate superstars from all over the world fly in, network, share their knowledge, and have a really good time in sin city. The highlight, for me, is the Super Affiliate Strategies that Work.

They say ‘it draws on the expertise of three proven and well-known super affiliates, in order to provide studies for how to become a successful affiliate marketer.’ Our very own John Chow will be speaking on this panel. The other speakers include moderator Kris Jones of Pepperjam, Zac Johnson, and Amit Mehta.

Why I do I want to attend?

For starters, the above mentioned explanation of what the summit is, is one good reason. With the amount of knowledge there is to be gained from this conference, I could surely take my blog, and my other internet projects to the next level.

Meeting John Chow is something that I wanted to do since I started reading his blog about a year ago, since I was very impressed by how genuine he was in his writing. This has lead me to admire and respect him early on.

I’m also excited to meet, network, and befriend many people that are in the blogging and affiliate industry. From my past experiences these people are very fun, friendly, and full of gems of knowledge to share.

When it comes to networking, I’ve taken full advantage of the connections and friends I’ve made through blogging. In 2007 I attended SOBCon07, Problogger NYC meetup, Steve Pavlina NYC meetup, and Future of Online Advertising NYC events. I love meeting bloggers, working on my people skills, and learning a lot of useful information.

Why do I think I deserve to go?

As you know I’m committed to constant and never ending improvement in many aspects of my life. In fact, this very blog has become a vehicle for this growth, and has added immeasurably to my life over the past year. I would love to continue learning, and taking action to improve this blog.

What this blog stands for, and what I am committed to, is helping you discover your potential you, and I’m operating for the greater good of all in mind. I believe my others-centered attitude is a perfect reason to be picked for this event.

Why? The fact of the matter is, by optimizing the affiliate marketing and monetization on this blog, while keeping the readers best interest in mind, I will make more money and be able to devote more time to providing great articles on this site as well as other very beneficial products.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do not blog for money. This hobby has become my passion, and helping people has taken a central role in the core of my being, and has been something that I’ve grown to define myself as. However, if this passion of mine generates value for me in the form of money, while I produce value for you, my awesome readers, I will surely have more time available to devote here.

What I hope to get out of the Affiliate Summit?

I hope to get out of the affiliate summit everything that I mentioned as a reason I want to go, and for all the reasons I think I deserve to go. Also, I am looking forward to sharing all the gems that I get out of this conference, both in terms of affiliate marketing, but also in terms of personal growth.


John Chow – Entrepreneur Magazine – February 2008

Whether John knows it or not, he’s been one of my mentors over the past year, and on the tip of my tongue during many conversations. He’s one of the main things I talked about when I was at SOBCon07 in Chicago last year. It only makes sense that I would love a chance to meet this mentor in person.

While I can think of the hotel and flight as a reasonable investment, I cannot justify those expenses, on top of the affiliate summit pass to go into my budget, so if I don’t win, I will not be attending this year.

So John, this is my entry, and I hope you pick me!

What do you think, would you like to see me go to the Affiliate Summit? Do you have any interest in me blogging about what I learned there on this blog, or perhaps as guest posts over at John’s blog where the audience is more geared towards making money online?

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  • Jennifer Mannion

    Hi Alex, I would LOVE to see that you’ve been picked for this. I was lucky enough to meet you in person at the Steve Pavlina meet-up. I KNOW how motivated you are (actually it’s a little scary how much you do and accomplish 😉 ) and I know how genuine you are. I am sure you would gain a lot from this summit and would not only apply the knowledge to your own business but would help others as well — because that is the kind of person you are. Good luck — you have my vote! : ) Jenny

    • Alex Shalman

      Thanks Jenny! You’re the best =)