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Earlier today I interviewed a great man that goes by the name of Steve Pavlina. It is my understanding that behind every great man, there is a great woman. Whether or not this cliche is true, I cannot say, what I can tell you is that behind that great man, the great woman is Erin Pavlina.

An interesting thing about Erin is that she’s quite extraordinary. Not only in terms of being an extraordinary person (I spoke about her and Steve’s aura after I met them), but also in terms of her psychic abilities. Erin has the capability of communicating with people that have passed to the other side, as well as receive premonitions about life.

Her exploration of the psychic and spiritual domains went a step further during her teenage years, during which time she began her mastery of astral projections and lucid dreaming. Due to certain events in Erin’s life, she spent the rest of her teenage years reluctant to share her abilities with the world. Although, she continued to experience these extraordinary abilities.

At one point in Erin’s life, we’ll call this point January 2006, Erin made the decision to use her abilities to help mankind, instead of letting them go to waste. This declaration allowed her to tap into an even more powerful connection, and help people get their lives back on track, contact their own higher selves, tune into their spirit guides, feel angels around them, and reconnect with Source.

In order to see where Erin’s exciting journey leads her, you’ll want to go to her personal blog, www.erinpavlina.com/blog. My favorite stories by Erin are Welcome to Naptown, Fighting Supreme Evil , and When Life Appears to Be Against You. I would love to hear your favorites as well.


1. How do you define happiness?

To me happiness is a state of being, one that a person can choose if they want to. Someone once told me that in order to be happy we must decide to be happy first. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I do now. You really can choose to feel happiness whenever you want, no matter what your circumstances. Happiness is a choice. It’s counting your blessings, being grateful for all that you are and have.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your happiness now, versus when you were a child?

I was a pretty happy child actually. My parents were fun loving people and showered us with love and attention. They were both very playful so I can honestly say I had a pretty happy childhood. The teen years provided some interesting experiences … but that’s where you learn a lot of life’s lessons and how to be independent. I’d say that today I’m happier simply because I’m more in control of where my life is going and how I spend my time. I feel happy to be able to do the work I choose to do that is also in alignment with my purpose. Waking up every day knowing I’m going to help others, that I’m going to have a growth experience, and that I am loved makes me happy.

3. What do you do on a daily basis that brings you happiness? (and how consistent is the feeling of happiness throughout your day)

I would say it’s not so much what I’m doing as how I’m feeling about everything I do. My friend has a great motto: “If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doing it.” And more and more I see the wisdom in that. To stay in a state of joy and happiness I often ask myself, “Do I want to do this? Will I be in a positive emotional state if I do this or not?” If the answer is no, I try to find a way to either avoid it, delay it, delete it, delegate it, or I find a way to make it more enjoyable. Sometimes I am not in the mood to do something I have to do, but if it’s still worth doing I find a way to feel happy about it.

4. What things take away from your happiness? What can be done to lessen their impact or remove them from your life?

Sometimes when I feel obligated to do something I’m no longer in the mood to do, then I fall out of a state of happiness. If the same thing is causing me unhappiness every time I do it, then I work hard to eliminate it from my life. Having freedom allows me the option of doing what I want when I want it, and not doing what I don’t want when I don’t want it.

5. What do you plan on doing in the future that will bring you even more happiness?

I try to stay in touch with my desires and wants. Sometimes you can get into a routine and you forget that there may be other things out there that would bring you happiness. So occasionally I check in with myself and ask, “Is there anything else you would love to do that you aren’t doing right now?” If so, I work them into my plan. It’s as simple as that. There are a lot of things I want to do and I know that in time I’ll get to all of them!


To get more info about what the Happiness Project is and isn’t, please visit the Introduction Post. To see a running list of all participants, which I will be updating as things happen, please visit the Happiness Project Page.

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