Seven Simple Habits To Kiss Smoking Goodbye


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from fruitful time

A couple of days ago I met a friend of mine at a local cafeteria for a chat. At one point we started talking about habits. My friend confessed that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has tried several times to quit smoking but every time he failed. I shared with him the tips that helped me quit smoking. Like him I had tried several times to quit smoking and finally I succeeded.

We agreed that since I have first hand experience I will be his coach to quit smoking. The following are the tips that I shared with my friend.

1. Believe that you can do it

Saying things like “I will try to quit smoking” will never make you quit. You first of all have to decide with yourself that you really want to quit. I believe that 90% of the people who try to quit smoking and fail is because they in the first place did not mean to quit.

2. Get to know how harmful cigarettes are

Spend a week browsing the internet and gather some content about how harmful cigarettes are. Find pictures of lungs of people who smoke. Get to know what effects cigarettes have on you and the people around you. This will help you convince yourself that quitting the bad habit of smoking makes real sense.

3. Make a plan

Plan how you are going to quit over a period of time. Be aware don’t make it easy for yourself. If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, you can completely quit smoking in less than a month. Yes, I am not joking.

4. Make it public

Don’t keep the news for yourself. Make other people pressure you. If you say to your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting, then you have no chance of smoking at least when you are in their presence. Also by making it public, you will stop being offered cigarettes by friends who still think that you are a smoker. This was the most difficult part for me.

5. Replace cigarettes

One of the most difficult things at first when you quit smoking is what to do to replace smoking. I used to find myself mimicking the movement I used to do while smoking, even though it had been months since I quitted. The only solution to this is to replace a cigarette with a non alcoholic drink. Every now and then instead of taking a puff, you take a sip.

6. Start exercising

This is the best tip. I was going to put it the first one but I know that if I had done that, most of the people would not have read the rest of the article. Even when I was giving tips to my friend, I didn’t tell him this tip as the first one. But I am a strong believer that exercises helped me to quit. I went to a gym and subscribed for 6 months. Then I started to do some basic cardio. It was then when I realized how harmful smoking is.

I challenged myself to improve my stamina by completely quitting smoking and exercise daily. The challenge to increase my stamina made it easier to throw away all the packets of cigarettes that I had in my office desk.

7. Be rootless

Unfortunately there are people (I don’t call them friends) who even though you tell them that you are trying very hard to quit smoking, they still insist that you should take a cigarette. They start this nonsense that one cigarette will not harm you. The point is not harm; the point is that you start smoking again by taking a single puff. Be rootless, be ready to even avoid the company of such people since they will make it extremely hard for you to quit. Spare me some words:

A true friends respects your opinion and if you tell him that you are trying to quit smoking, he will help you achieve that goal rather than making your challenge more difficult.

Do you have a success story in which you quit smoking, or got rid of any other bad habit, such as drinking, pornography, or biting your nails? Share it in the comments below!

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  • Alex Shalman

    I personally think this is an excellent post, good job Fruitful =)

    • Mayank Rocks

      I agree too. I must make all my friends read this 🙂

  • Know The Ledge

    I’ve always believed the only way to truly quit is cold turkey. I know there are doctors and a billion dollar smoking cessation business that would say I’m wrong…but the longer you hold on, the longer it will have a hold on you.

    Make sure you’re at a point in your life that you know you absolutely want to quit, then just do it. Suffer really bad for a few days (with the help of a strong support system), and then it will start to get easier. You’ll have urges for a while, but over time you start to gain back your sense of smell and taste and smoking will start to actually smell bad to you.

    It’s not an easy thing for anyone, people in my family (including myself) have struggled with quiting, but it’s best to just cut it off quickly, IMO.

    • Alex Shalman

      Cold turkey would likely be the best solution, but if that’s not clicking, than easing off works. Whatever it takes to quit, right?

      • Mayank Rocks

        Cold turkey? Howcome?
        And yeah, leaving all of a sudden is never easy. Best way is to make a plan as suggested. Nobody asks to quit in a month, take a year or two, but slow down on smoking. If you take 50 a day, slow down to 49, 48,47….like every week 1 down. Soon enough you will be reducing. Smoking 1 a day is much better than taking 50.

  • Mayank Rocks

    Trust me, most of the people dont care about such things. My friends were really good in school. Now after going to college, they started smoking a lot and drinking a lot aswell. Some are even taking weeds and marijuana…. Telling them doesnt help any bit. They will say, its life. Its enjoyment.

    And you are correct. Few of my friends said, from this new year, I will never smoke. Started again in a few days and said, I could not stop myself. I broke my promise and it doesnt matter. Will try again next year, What an idiot!

  • Flimjo

    I agree that cold turkey is the way to go. But for the weaker crowd, I think this step-by-step process is helpful. Smoking is an awful habit.

  • Flimjo

    You know what’s really crazy, it’s the multi-billion dollar suits against these tobacco companies. I can’t fathom how anyone can blame the tobacco companies for smoking. Maybe a little. But, at some point, you have to take some responsibility for your actions.

    • Alex Shalman

      I can see what you’re saying… if people don’t have any self-control than screw them, right?

      Then there’s the whole other side of the fence that looks at it like… stop selling all these people this drug that’s practically disintegrating and charring their lungs, no matter if they want it or not. If someone wanted to kill themselves would you just give them a gun?

  • Mr Positioning (Stanley Bronstein)

    I have trouble identifying with this one (fortunately), as I ‘m a non-smoker, BUT I think it is good advice for quitting any type of addiction.

    Take care

    Mr Positioning (Stanley F. Bronstein, Atty, CPA, Author and Professional Speaker)