Sunday’s Speedlinking 3-09-08


Here are this week’s goodies from around the web.

Happiness: The Group Writing Project

  1. Step Lightly
  2. A Question of Perspective
  3. Know The Ledge
  4. Life By Design

Four new participants this week, check them out. You can participate in the Happiness Project, get the pleasure of answering these questions, as well as 2 links back to your site. For details visit Happiness: The Group Writing Project.

Alex Shalman Elsewhere

I’ve had a few guests posts out these past couple of weeks that I would like to share with you guys.

Reading Material

Check out Zen To Done and Zen Habits Handbook for Life by Leo Babauta. You can see more of the books that I recommend in the books section.

Oldie But Goody Posts

Now You Can Eliminate 15 Years of Regret

From The Net

  • 12 Great Personal Development Posts This Week by Steven Aitchison
  • Scott Rigsby’s life is truly inspirational. The man lost both legs in an automobile accident, and instead of living a life of quiet desperation, he decided to live his life as an example to other’s. As a double leg amputee Scott when on to win numerous triathlons and even set world records. Kind of makes you think that some of are excuses aren’t as good as we thought they were, right?

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  • Mister Jester

    Glad I read this. I joined up for the Happiness Project, Thanks Alex!

    • Alex Shalman

      Good stuff Mister Jester. I included you in the Happiness Project page!