Use A Bragging Journal To Harvest Every Success


After keeping a so called bragging journal, or at least a bragging section in my daily journal, I have more understanding of the benefits of this exercise.

A bragging journal is not designed to exhibit conceit, in fact, it can be a genuine source of confidence. It’s not boasting when you want a personal reminder of your tremendous accomplishments when the going gets tough.

Whenever something special happens, you do something extraordinary, or you touch, move, or inspire another human being, write it in this bragging journal.

Benefits of Bragging Journal

  1. Builds Confidence. As mentioned in 10 Crafty Ways To Create Unshakable Confidence the bragging journal can be used to build confidence.

    How? Well, when you’re down on your luck, or just having an off day, you can get yourself back into the zone by reminding yourself of a wide range of awesome accomplishments.

  2. Index Your Story. People learn best from stories, so it makes sense that we would want to have a large repository of positive stories that we are involved in. They’ll be useful later for proving a point, illustrating an idea, or writing a great blog post!

    You don’t necessarily have to write out a full story. Just a sentence like ‘Moved Marina to tears with Birthday poem’ is enough to trigger the full memory of the event and bring warmth to your heart.

  3. Replication. Sometimes the most frustrating thing about winning (yes, there can be something frustrating about winning) is our inability to replicate the success. Imagine putting on a fantastic performance, getting a huge standing ovation, but not having any idea how you made it happen.

    Journaling might give us insight into the exact method, or chain of events that led to the victory, and allow us to do it again at our beckon call. One victory is great, but to be able to do it over and over like Tiger Woods is truly powerful.

  4. Personal Insight. The very fact that you take the time to write something in your journal will be a very monumental insight into who you are. Think about it, if your victory is purchasing a shirt for 50% off than it’s clear that you value either fashion and/or frugality. Your victories might be standing up to your boss, winning a fight, not eating that cake, or finding a mate tonight.

    By tracking what you consider your victories, over time, you may get to know more about yourself. You may decide to (#3) replicate your success, or change the patterns of what makes you happy.

  5. Builds a Habit. Journaling is a very valuable habit. There are hundreds of benefits to journaling, but even more benefits to building positive habits. When you have 1 daily habit such as journaling, you know that you have access to being a powerful habit maker.

    You could go ahead and make another daily habit, such as running, reading, or any variation of unlimited possibilities. The point is that journaling gives you a access, foothold, or peg if you will, into positive habit formation.

Update From Comments:

You guys in the comments below are making some great contributions. I’ll update here with a few.

  1. Law of Attraction (Avani). “We think around 60,000 thoughts each day. By writing our victories down, we send a message to subconscious mind and to universe that this is right and important. β€˜This’ is what you want (more).”

    That’s right. Whatever we think about expands. Putting focus on the things we are grateful for will open our eyes to more things that we are grateful for!

  2. Build Relationship (Shilpan). “It can also apply to build a strong relationship. You can always be mindful about those moments of happiness together when a rainy day comes as it will.”

    I couldn’t agree more. We can use this opportunity to practice proactive listening and showing appreciate to our partners.

Thanks for your comments guys, keep them coming!

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  • Shamelle

    When we think of the word “journal” what forms in mind generally are “dear diary” stories.
    This is indeed a great Idea Alex.


  • Lewis

    Nice post.

    I have another suggestion for you Alex. It is my understanding that most individuals hardly write anymore because they are so busy typing on the computer.

    If writing isn’t your thing, you may want to consider creating a blog for yourself (and keep it private if you want to). Call it your ‘bragging blog’ if you like. Having it online will prevent it from ever being lost. You can login and use it during your travels or when you are at work so you never have to bring your journal with you.

    Do you think this would work for some people Alex?

    I just subscribed to your blog to help you bring it past 2000. You have provided great content and info for me over the past few weeks so it is a must that I subscribe now.


  • Avani Mehta

    We think around 60,000 thoughts each day. By writing our victories down, we send a message to subconscious mind and to universe that this is right and important. ‘This’ is what you want (more).

    I enjoyed your article very much. Have given a thumbs up. Can’t wait to start a bragging blog myself πŸ˜‰ hehe.

    @Lewis : I liked your idea of bragging blog a lot. The best part is, without password, no one can get in and read what I write.

    • Alex Shalman

      I unintentionally missed that from the article, but that is totally Law of Attraction thinking right there, thanks for adding to the article.

  • Puneet

    Good one frd with points … i agree with wat Avani said …

  • Alex Shalman

    Thank you for all your insightful comments guy. I’m just upset that is taken cause it’s an awesome idea! πŸ˜‰

  • Shilpan |


    It can also apply to build a strong relationship. You can always be mindful about those moments of happiness together when a rainy day comes as it will. There is no perfect relationship in this world but using these ideas can make life amicable.


  • Robert A. Henru

    Congratz for reaching 2k subscribers Alex!
    And this article is really inspiring, I used to journal before I start to blog, and I never realized that I forgot one important element, the bragging journal. Sometimes it’s difficult because we always look at how far it needs to go to, instead of how far we have achieved. Thanks for reminding us that we always have something to brag about!

    Cheers for your achievement,

  • tyna

    It is a very good idea to keep such happy memories to lift us up when we are down,I have a diary for that.I keep all my awards and certificates framed and kept were i can see them for reminder that i can do anything that i really put my mind to.Your blog is one of my favourites so keep it coming.

  • SaiF

    Hey Alex!

    When I saw this I immediately thought of my Gratitude Journal!

    Definitely the Law of Attraction at work here (how can you miss that, Alex?! lol)

    Give more gratitude and reach a place of what I like to call Gratitude Altitude

    CONGRATS ON 2000 BRO! =)

    To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement,

    The World’s First Teen
    Personal Development Video Blogger

  • Peter | Pick The Brain

    Nice work Alex – both on passing 2,000 subscribers and an excellent article. I think it extremely important to celebrate our successes, and sometimes that celebration can be as simple as a mental “pat on the back”.

  • Doug Rosbury

    To brag is to put yourself first and to inflate the sense of self importance. This action causes one
    to forget the true self and ones oneness with the source from which one is the offspring. To brag is to make more important, the temporary personality and to create a consciousness that life is limited
    to the short earth existence. When we do this, we limit ourselves to a state of ignorance in which
    we are deprived of our spiritual guidance and our greater life in the spirit. To brag is to publicize
    our ignorance and our limited knowledge. But if that is what we want for ourself, it certainly is our right, however, when we make that choice, we limit ourselves severely to a life of struggle and lack
    of true happiness.——Doug Rosbury

    • tyna

      So your point is what?

  • Doug Rosbury

    Alex, When you make ones acceptance contingent upon alex shalmans acceptance, it is
    tantamount to a threat and an element of unfriendliness. Also, it makes you seem like an egotist.
    Everyone has the right to express an opinion. You should not besetting yourself up as an authority on what is acceptable and what is not. ——Doug Rosbury

    • Alex Shalman

      Whose opinion is that anyway?

    • Stak Loaded – How to make money doing nothing!

      speak english and stop trying to sound smarter than you are

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  • Doug Rosbury

    What I may say to anyone, is, to them,only my opinion. However it is a sacred right for each of us
    to have our opinion and for anyone to set themselves up to censor that opinion simply because they don’t like what is said is to set themselves up as a dictator.——Doug Rosbury

  • Doug Rosbury

    My function, It seems, is to remind us all of our subconscious messages and how we gloss over
    things we say without realizing how we sound to others. Also, we may be promoting certain
    attitudes which are not seen as damaging in any way because of rationalization. Attitudes which
    are taken for granted without being examined can be damaging one way or another to our long term understanding, and we may be contributing to a general misunderstanding. This cannot be over
    stated. People in society so often celebrate what others say and lend their support to thoughts
    that they don’t take time to examine and question. This is how ideas find their way into the general
    consciousness, otherwise known as mass consciousness and taken for granted as being beneficial
    when in fact, they may be seen as being careless and fad oriented. Careless thinking can
    change things for the worse and often, the voice of caution is rejected because of the very careless
    attitudes prevalent in society. ——Doug Rosbury

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  • BKOsOsuper

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  • Doug Rosbury


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  • RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language πŸ˜‰
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  • Miz

    I love this.
    I do this.
    for me it’s all about success begetting success and if I dont remind myself of past victories (all of it: from how it FELT to achieve to how on *earth* I executed them) I tend not to be as victorious in my day to day.

  • sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.