Law of Attraction: Is It A Gimmick?


A blog is a conversation between the writer and the readers that takes place from the posts into the comment box.

Many moons ago I was inspired by One2One conversations between Liz Strauss and Dawud Miracle.

They weren’t your standard post to comment box conversation, they actually took place between their blogs, as one would ask a question, the other would answer, and vice versa. This is my hat tip to their great idea.

Today I’d like to talk directly to Steve Aitchison (RSS) who hails from the United Kingdom. He started his personal development blog nearly the same time as me, and we’ve seen parallel growth throughout this time. Steve is a great guy and Life Coach by occupation.

Law of Attraction

In the bestselling book The Secret, author Rhonda Byrne and co-authors describe an ancient force that attracts whatever we want into our lives, just as long as we want it bad enough. The theory behind this magnetic force is a universal attraction of some sort.

Many people who read the book and watched the book were instantly hooked to the idea. At the same time many people were totally skeptical of it. Is it fate, coincidence, or our deliberate actions that brings about change in our lives?

Do you think the Law of Attraction is a gimmick? Steve, what do you think?

Let’s talk. Post your response in the comment box below or head over to Steve’s blog (Change Your Thoughts) to see his response.

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  • SaiF

    Hey Alex!

    I wanted to write a comment here but it became a bit too long, so I created it into a post:

    You can read my post on The Law of Attraction : Is It A Gimmick Or What?!

    Everyone who doesn’t believe in the Law of Attraction : I invite you to read this.

    To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement,

    The World’s First Teen
    Personal Development Video Blogger

    P.S. Alex, I would appreciate a plug in the post bro! =)

  • Bill Riddell

    Hi Alex and fellow readers,
    I have seen the movie and read the book, as well as a few similar works by some of those featured and more importantly past masters who inspired today’s gurus.

    First of all I think there is no harm in believing in The Secret and that it does teach some invaluable lessons.

    However there is one vital step missing in The Secret – to take action. Things don’t magically happen, you have to get your hands dirty.

    One of the gurus featured in The Secret, Joe Vitale, has admited this and even released a product (which I have yet to sample) called The Missing Secret to fill this void.

    It discusses having a vision, and then focuses on attraction as well as being ready to receive but there is barely a mention of taking action.

    I think The Secret is a very clever repackaging of past works and does not really provide a lot of new content. However its commercial success has introduced a lot of new people to the genre and particularly in the form of the DVD gives a quick blast of inspiration.

    • zack

      nice info.thanks!

  • steven aitchison

    Hi SaiF, I have checked out your post and it’s great that you have joined this conversation and added to it.

    Hi Bill, I totally agree with you on the point about taking action. I believe it starts with a thought which leads to an action which lead to bigger thoughts and taking more action including meeting the people you need to manifest your dreams.

    ‘The secret’ was a great piece of marketing and it has got everyone interested again in the mind and it’s capabilities.

  • Frank

    Bill and Steven,

    Some of the variants of The Secret clearly and intentionally discourage action in relation to the LoA. For example, the Abraham-Hicks teachings contain another law called The Law of Allowing which suggests that action is often based on a focus on lack and this focus creates more of the same. I suppose that’s why it’s called the Law of Attraction and not the Law of Action. One potential interpretation of The Secret is that if you follow your bliss, everything else will fall into place.

  • Art Gonzalez

    I believe it is not a gimmick, but it has been hyped out of proportion. It´s just not a matter of imagining stuff or making vision boards (if it was as simple as that…everybody around the world would have the latest Lamborghini or BMW in their garages). You have to exert deep belief in what you want to actually take place and then take the hints from God when he is leading you to opportunities or situations that will help you in the attainment of what you want and then….TAKE ACTION!

    Many blessings,

    Art Gonzalez
    Check my Squidoo Lens at: Quantum Knights

  • jatt

    It’s not a’s the way of life..

  • jatt

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  • nina

    no it’s not. It was a subjective matter jatt. None related to the way of life

  • Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.

    The law of attraction is an immutable law that works whether we believe it or not. While it may appear that the movie or other promoters are using gimmicks to get our attention, the law itself exists separate from those.

    It’s true that the law is as old as time itself, so it’s definitely not new. But it’s amazing how we humans have to be reminded of truths over and over and in as many forms as available before we see the part we can play in our own destiny.

    I was thrilled when I saw The Secret because it was familiar principles I have tapped into successfully in the past, and needed a reminder of how powerful it is. When left to our devices we easily slip back into letting ourselves be swept through life bending to the will and agenda of others. When we get a jolt reminding us of our own power, we can resume making choices and taking actions that lead to the happiness we crave.

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  • fas

    It sounds really sensible but not easy to implement it.

  • universal law of attraction

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  • Alex Shalman

    You can talk about the post on your block if you link over to the original post. =)