Ask The Readers: What’s Your Pleasure?

Pleasure is the ultimate goal of every human, from the most ignorant to the wisest, and from the most arrogant to the most humble. Pleasure is the ultimate goal, whether you like it or not.

However, pleasure has many dimensions, and perhaps isn’t as straight forward as you once imagined it to be. I have previously written an article on pleasure, and I’ve separated it into five different levels.


  1. Physical and Material Pleasure
  2. Love (Not Infatuation)
  3. A Great Cause
  4. The Power To Create
  5. A Touch of God

Pick your favorite level, a couple of levels, or all the levels. In the comments below, list some of the pleasures that are your absolute favorites from the categories you picked.

This is your chance to participate in the blog. If you can’t find a pleasure, you aren’t human. With that said, if you are a human reading this blog, go into the comments and tell me your pleasure, whatever it may be.

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  • Lewis

    Hey Alex,

    Hope your vaca is going well.

    As for the post, I would have to say I like all 5 pleasures to some extent, but if I could only choose one I would go with number 4.

  • ethnu

    I too would go with 4, undoubtedly.

  • pizza paddle

    I stay with the number 5 choice, has all for you.

  • Krsto

    If I understood this “survey” well, I’d definitely choose number 3.

  • PAPA

    love has to be the biggest pleasure…all things spring from love…people take on a big cause out of a love, they create out of a need to express their love for something…and people are most apt to love or be loving when they first love themselves…of course, there’s another kind of self love pleasure but we won’t talk about that here…ha

  • Martin

    a touch of god is the best I ever experienced … and the joy in the lord is my strength

    there´s nothing bigger, better, sweeter

    martin from germany

  • Tom –

    number 5 definately. Because that gives you the other 4!

  • Puneet

    Totally agree with the above comment frd … absolutely correct as i too believe the same 🙂

  • Kelly@SHE-POWER

    Hmm, not sure what I’d choose in terms of your list. Maybe number 2 – love. Just being with my son gives me all the pleasure in the world. I’d actually also extend that to connection. Many of us feel truly alive when we feel connected – to a group, a person, a cause.

    But my first thought was freedom. All the moments of pure bliss in my life have revolved around feeling free and like I am in the perfect space for me at that particular time. This is why I love backpacking, surfing, driving with the windows down and the music blaring. Free to go where the wind, my feet, the waves or my wheels will carry me. Heaven.


  • naomi

    I just love your posts and your site as a whole, it is very enriching, thanks for sharing your insights with us!!!

    I wish you a wonderful day,
    God bless you,