6 Ways Children Trump Adults At Life

6 Ways Children Trump Adults At Life

Editor’s Note: This article is written by the brilliant, amazing, and true Marina Tsipenyuk.

It seems that we are always searching for what is sensible, logical, and politically correct. The older we become, the more such formalities encompass our thoughts and, surely, become us—our identities and traits are unshakable, arguably as they were, have been, and always will be.

Perhaps that is why children are often advised by their elder counterparts to discontinue their illogical, irrelevant pursuits through the utmost peeks of their imagination, in favor of what we believe is “realistic”. Children are silenced, their questions ignored, and their brilliance shunned, for truly they are living in the real world and they are yet unaware of this.

My parents had come home to me and told me about their friends’ undisciplined children. “They kept asking all of these unwarranted questions! The parents didn’t even stop them!”, and yet they did not fail to mention how smart they thought the children were, how observant, how expressive. Though they were not disciplined in the conventional sense, their unmitigated ability to speak and to ask had manifested the most profound capabilities in the realm of self expression. For when children are hushed, they limit their questions to necessities. They reject abstractions to please us, but what they are completely unaware of is that so many of us are hitting the snooze button every morning, hoping to avoid the kind of pathetic reality that we are forcing on them!

But this approach is condemnation. What is it with us and our desire to complicate the world? Why is it that fun is equivalent to unproductive and productive consists of what is un-fun?

And haven’t we all been there? Haven’t we felt so alive drawing, singing, dancing, acting, and listening to some half witted grownup telling us that we must stick to those ways of the world that they think they know so well?

So why are children so happy and grownups so miserable? Surely they do not have to pay the bills, watch what they eat, and be independent, but when was the last time YOU looked out the window and just found the deepest pleasure in seeing a squirrel, fluffy and nimble, or knelt down to pick a flower in the springtime. When we find ourselves so concerned with everything else, we forget that once these were the phenomena of our waking days. Why should we be the arbiters of their desensitization when so much what they employ can help us so greatly?

“Grown-ups can never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to have to explain things to them always and forever” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry (The Little Prince)

So what is it that we can learn from children? To name a few things:

1. They are happy to get up in the morning

I have a question for you. When was the last time you stayed up and watched the sun rise? Last summer I remember sitting with my two best friends, watching the sun rise, and feeling so alive. It is a brand new day and a brand new you. Who knows what the day may bring? Don’t miss out on all of the amazing opportunities before you, and take them with gratitude.

2. They do not want to go to sleep at night

Just like the morning, the night has its wonderful mysteries and romantic stories. Whether you spend some time with your family, take a bubble bath, or make love to your spouse, do not go straight to sleep all the time.

3. They play games!

Yes, they love to pretend, and somehow, it always works for them. They live a new life every day, and that life is what they choose to make of it. We can think of life as anything, there is no ultimate truth. When was the last time you played hide and seek without getting frustrated? I did today with my phone! Make little mishaps into games!

4. They know that they don’t know everything…they always ask questions

Stop being Mr. Knowitall. You don’t.

5. They take pleasure in the little things.

I think that at one point we stop thinking of getting treats as exciting ventures. Why? Probably because everything, including ice cream is so accessible. Make it a point to limit such commodities in order to really feel their value. Don’t eat your favorite unhealthy food for a week and then go get it. It will be so great!

6. They appreciate the big things that we seem to ignore.

The seasons, for instance. Could you imagine how amazing it is when a child sees snow for the first time? And the next? And children long for the glistening snow to make angels, the sparkling rain in which they play, the sunny days that they can spend outside in the park. Don’t ignore the child within, and stare in amazement the next time you encounter one of nature’s pleasures.

And remember, adults are just big children.

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  • http://shanelyang.com/blogs/articles/ Shanel Yang

    Great post, Marina! I just love The Little Prince! Through the eyes and observations of kids, we become young again. : ) For all who want to reconnect with that magical time when anything could happen, so we dared to dream really big dreams, I wrote a post about how to tap that “Childhood Happiness” for our adult lives at http://shanelyang.com/2008/07/25/all-about-you-day-3-childhood-happiness/

  • http://alexshalman.com Marina Tsipenyuk

    Thank you Shanel! The Little Prince is one of my favorite books, and I love how it is both applicable to adults and children. I will definitely check out your post!

  • http://www.steve-olson.com Steve Olson


    I learn so much from my boys and their constant curiosity and zest for life. Great post! Children are a joy.

  • http://hunternuttall.com Hunter Nuttall

    I’m already doing 4 of the 6…not sure if that’s too many or just about right!

  • http://nurtureourchild.com rosabel

    I read about your bio. I’m amazed that you know what you want at such young age. I hope you continue to inspire more young people so that we can build a better world with more responsible and caring souls.

    Why children are happier and adults are miserable?! For me, children are just pure and simple. Adults have gone thru so much in live so they are tend to be more complicated in their thinking! That’s why adults keep telling themselves to simplify lives, but at the same time, the adults still have to face the reality of live! That’s life!

    I enjoy working with children so much, due to their simplicity in their thinking. They keep me smiling all day long!


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  • http://www.waynejohn.com Wayne

    Oh so true. I don’t plan on having kids and I find that most of these traits I still have because I haven’t been weighted down with the responsibility that is having kids.

  • http://www.spiritual-short-stories.com Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories and Parables

    I’d like to add to this list, that my 1 1/2 year old son communicates quite well! He doesn’t speak English, but he can grunt and point, squeal with delight, and nod yes/no when we ask questions.

    Although we may sometimes not know what exactly he wants, he’s VERY clear in communicating how he feels about a situation. 🙂

  • http://www.greatmanagement.org greatmanagement

    And guess what happens when they become teenagers:

    1. No chance

    2. The same

    3. Only drinking ones

    4. They think they do

    5. They don’t. Only BIG and expensive treats count.

    6. They only appreciate money


  • http://www.spiritual-short-stories.com Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories and Parables

    Andrew –

    And then when they become parents:

    1. They wish they didn’t have to get up in the morning… 5 times.

    2. They do not want to go to sleep at night… because they know they’re going to have to wake up… 5 times.

    3. They play games… like when the baby cries and needs to be changed, they ‘nudge’ their partner and then pretend to be asleep so that THEY have to change the diaper this time.

    4. They pretend like they know everything since their kids always ask them.

    5. They take pleasure in the little things…. like finishing complete sentences, and sitting on the sofa when it’s not being turned into a trampoline.

    6. They appreciate the big things that we seem to ignore… like Baby Einstein, swaddling blankets, and gripe water.

  • http://www.greatmanagement.org greatmanagement

    Chris, lol, brilliant!

  • Marina Tsipenyuk

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful and insightful comments.

    To answer Andrew- The teenager phenomena, I believe, is a reaction to all of the inconsistency that they begin to experience. For instance, when their parents do do practice what they preach. If they are told to be good people, they feel frustration when they see their parents bad mouthing others, lying and cheating. When they are told to respect their elders, they get frustrated when they see their parents arguing with their grandparents. This rebellion is a realization that the world is very hypocritical, and I believe that this can be thwarted if they are not consistently pressured to take everyone and everything so seriously. So, #7 would be, Children do not take everything so seriously!

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