Podcast #002 – Interviewing Ask Dan and Jennifer Podcast #002 – Interviewing Ask Dan and Jennifer

Play Practical Personal Development podcast #2

In this interview Dan and Jennifer from tell us how they started their online relationship media empire. They tell us how they’ve managed a safe and comfortable place for people from all over the world to ask and get answers for their most personal sex-love-relationship related questions.

Our friends also discuss their unorthodox relationship that is 9.5 years difference in age between the two of them with Jennifer being the older of the two. They also go into quite some detail about safe sex, to the point where I accuse Dan of working for Trojan/Lifestyles!

The dating-duo discuss the tipping point of their site taking off, as well as their amazing success on YouTube with their dating question and answer sessions. I then ask them the tough question of what will happen to AskDanAndJennifer if Dan and Jennifer break up!

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Enjoy the podcast and feel free to leave feedback in the comment box below. I’d like to know if there is anyone you would like me to interview for future podcasts.

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