The Launch of Productive Magazine

The Launch of Productive Magazine

I’m happy to announce the launch of Productive Magazine. The first edition features David Allen, the author of bestselling book Getting Things Done on the cover. Once you crack the ePages of this eMagazine, you’ll find myself among 17 excellent authors sharing our articles on productivity, happiness, GTD, and ways to increase the quality of our lives.

Productive Magazine is created by Michael Sliwinski, the CEO and Founder of Nozbe – Simply Get Things Done productivity application. Although I haven’t used Nozbe myself, I see that it’s rated among the most popular web apps on the internet.

Productive Magazine Contents:

  1. Oliver Starr – GTD is really about gaining control and gaining perspective, Interview with David Allen
  2. Leo Babauta – Zen To Done (ZTD): The Ultimate Simple Productivity System
  3. Alexander Kjerulf – Top 10 reasons why happiness at work is the ultimate productivity booster
  4. Nick Cernis – Happiness and the End of the Working Week
  5. Gretchen Rubin – Seven Tips for making yourself happier in the next hour
  6. James Mallinson – Having One of Those Days? Here’s How to Deal With It
  7. Steven Aitchison – The GOYA method for Personal Development
  8. Mark W. Shead – 17 Things you Should Stop Doing
  9. Marc C – How to Work Less and Still Impress
  10. Stephen Smith – 3 Essential Tools for Productivity
  11. Glen Stansberry – 7 Idea Dumping Tips
  12. Chanpory Rith – 10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy
  13. Brett Kelly – 14 Numbers Your Cell Phone Can’t Live Without
  14. Alex Shalman – Seven Questions That Will Change Your Life
  15. Michael Ramm – Getting Things Done Primer: Chapter 1
  16. John Kendrik – The Five W’s of a Weekly GTD Review
  17. Michael Sliwinski – Learn Productivity Tips and Tricks in 2 Minutes!

You can get the full magazine, in color, as a free download (no e-mails necessary), by clicking here.

Future Interviews

The Practical Personal Development Podcast is already taking off. You can already see some of the interviews that I have done up on the blog. Besides what you see I’ve already finished enough interviews to last every Monday of next month, and I’m happy to announce that Michael Sliwinski already confirmed to be a part of the show.

Feel free to 1-click subscribe on iTunes, so you don’t miss a thing when I load up the great interviews.

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  • Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome

    Congrats on the article – and thanks for letting us know about the magazine – I look forward to reading it.