LifeHack: Taking MASSIVE Action (Video)

In this video I explain how I’ve taken massive action to get things done. I talk about what I did to put up this website, how I got my ebook finished so quickly, and how I reached my 14 lb weight loss goal in only 1 month.

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  • Vincent

    Hey Alex,

    I had created my blog in this year in September by taking massive action. I do not know a single thing about wordpress until I started my own blog. I had learned from resources that teaches me what I need to know about blogging and taking the massive action make it achievable in the end. Currently I’m undergoing a 30 days challenge for a healthier body and this time round, I am seeing great results too. Thanks for sharing with us this great video, Alex.

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  • Jacob from JobMob

    The first chapter of Guy Kawasaki’s terrific The Art of the Start quotes a Hasidic saying:

    “Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength”

    That right there says all you need to know about massive action.

    Like in your case Alex, from start to launch, my first blog JobMob took me and a friend just under a month to roll out. Every day, intensively, and I was so happy with the results that I’ve barely made any changes since that day 2 years ago today.

  • Adam

    I just have so many things I want to do. I believe it is all a matter of prioritizing..once I do that, the things at the top of the list do get done. I like the idea of giving yourself a short deadline.

  • Money Money Money

    Very good video there Alex. I can’t agree more with you. In order to get work done or do work there has to be determination and a deadline. We can’t just keep saying to ourselves that we will do that thing some day. We need to keep a dead line 🙂

  • Daniel Massicotte

    Very impressive Alex. That pretty much sums up the month of September for me. Like Vincent, I put my blog together in record time (2 weeks).

    Last week I changed the themes which is causing a bit of confusion with the featured slider that goes at the top of my page, but as soon as I’m done with exams I’m be back on it.

    Kudos on the weight loss. Having every good decision laid out is a very smart thing to do for those of us who are able to follow a system that we know is going to be successful.