What Nature Can Teach Us About Our Habits

What Nature Can Teach Us About Our Habits

This post was written by Jay Frawley from Inner Noodle

Walk outside, look around at nature. Notice something? Everything is functioning the same way it was yesterday, and last year. Nature is perfectly balanced and 100% efficient. You never see an oak tree grow an apple, or a pine tree grow from an acorn.

Nature does not make mistakes; it follows certain laws and never deviates from it. If nature decided to go rogue, we would no longer be here. What can we learn from this? Nature only uses habits that serve the greater good. A tree does not grow for the benefit of just the tree; it grows for the benefit of the world.

“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”
~Charles C. Noble

What a Tree Taught the World

Nature follows their instincts, and never delineates.

This is powerful because as humans with free will, we sometimes forget to follow our instincts. We all get “gut” feelings that we ignore, and those are the instincts that are trying to direct us down the path we desire. We get talked out of our instincts by so called experts assuming we do not know better. Your instinct is the road map of your life, ignoring your map can lead to a messy existence.

Nature does not have bad habits.

We all have the power to form any habit we want. There are two kinds of habits; the ones we make voluntarily, and those we allow to happen almost without knowing it. Both can be broken and remade again. A bad habit is anything that does not suit us or the greater good. You know what habits these are. They include smoking, overeating, or too much TV. All of these habits are all examples of valueless habits. They serve no one and they are crippling your success.

The only habits you should hold true are the ones that make you a better person. Make it a habit to thank people for being in your life, buy a stranger a coffee, or get up early to exercise outside and take in nature’s beauty. Write down the habits you have formed over the years, and take a hard look at them all. Are they serving you, do they collate with your values? If not, eliminate them one by one, until all that is left are good value habits.

Success is not a choice, it is a result.

Nature does not fail at success, it listens to the instincts ingrained in its roots and it succeeds. Trees grow, flowers blossom, and rivers run. The success habit can be the same for you. If you program no other habit into your life, make the success habit the one you tackle. Everyday, focus on success in everything you do; success for you and everyone around you.

When you meet someone new, take a second to wish them the best in your mind, wish they have all the success they desire. Constantly wishing for other’s success will keep your mind focused on success, and a mind that focuses like a laser beam on any desire will achieve that desire.

Nature works together.

The trees give off oxygen, the flowers feed the bees, and the rivers provide water for everything. Nature is not selfish, it works together to provide a life for all to live. As individuals we can do so little, but together we can accomplish anything. Make it a habit to stop living for you alone, and live for others. The top is a lonely place if you do not have anyone to share the joy.

There is nothing wrong with having goals and aspirations for your life, but making it a habit to work with others to achieve their goals will get you to your goals as well, most likely faster and definitely with more fulfillment.


I hope we can all learn from Nature’s example. We can live extraordinary lives if we just follow a few steps. Listen to our instincts, work with others, not against them, and get rid of any habits that do not serve us. Success is not a choice, it is a result! Go out there and get some results. Let me know your thoughts.

Jay Frawley regularly writes about using the power of the subconscious to improve every aspect of people’s lives. He is also a Dream Coach, helping people analyze their dreams. His most popular post include The Power of Silence- Part 1, and “The Sunday Ponder”

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  • http://consciousflex.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Powiull

    Very insightful Article. This also reminds me of the nature of cells:

    1. Cells have a higher purpose.

    Their purpose is to serve the body as a whole under any circumstance. This is their number one priority. Their individual wellbeing comes second. Selfishness is not an ability they possess.

    This is also the purpose of empowered people, they seek to serve humanity as a whole. They do not see things in concepts of accidents or coincidences. They realize everything is synchronized with purpose. They are not surprised when the information they seek comes to them, when the possession they desired shows up, or when someone they have being thinking about calls.

    2. Cells do not plan ahead, they do what needs to be done in the moment.

    They survive by knowing that whatever they need, the body will supply what they need, as they serve the body. Literally, through medical research, the cell only stores 3 seconds of oxygen and food supply in the cell wall.

    Empowered ones live in a state of serving the whole and trust that the universe will supply their needs, by serving their purpose.

    3. Cells work with all other cells and see all cells as part of the whole.

    Every cell has a purpose, therefore every cell is important, significant, and has a reason for being.

    Empowered people do not judge others and see everyone as equal human beings.

    4. The essence of a cells nature is to give.

    Every cell in the human body is always giving and as a result all the cells maintain every other cell, making the process of receiving automatically produced.

    Empowered people give everything of themselves to provide value to everyone on the planet. Since they are willing to give and are committed in giving everything, they receive the same value back. You must give value first in order to attain value.

    5. Cells listen to the body through many devices, but the most common is through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction tells them exactly what to do in order to serve the body.

    Empowered people always listen to the chemical reactions of their emotions. They use their emotions as a guide to know if they are in an empowered state. If they are feeling lower energies of frustration, pessimism, negativity, annoyance, depression, etc, then they know they are not aligned with empowerment or the universe.

    Being aligned means they only feel positive emotions. They always follow with their emotions. They do not live their life by “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts”, or “have tos”. They flow with emotions. If something is stressful, they leave immediately. If they are unhappy with something, they analyze what’s making them unhappy: their thoughts, words, or actions to a given thing. Then they do whatever it takes to correct the problem, in order to align themselves back with empowerment.

    6. Cells are always changing, evolving, and adapting to the conditions of the body.

    The human body can eat something never digested before and still manage to succeed. The cells do not reject anything just because it is new, the cell will not hang on to old behavior patterns.

    Empowered people go with the flow of the universe. If the evolving universe changes, empowered people change with it. No matter how fearful, unknown, or wrong it may seem. Something new will always seem wrong at first, because you never tried it before.

    Empowered people trust that the universe knows something that they do not. They have no fears of the future because they know they create the future in the now. Right now they are empowered and therefore they are creating empowered experiences.

    7. Cells have an instinct to know that they are going to die.

    In order to keep the commitment of serving the body, they naturally reproduce. Through the reproduction process: the knowledge, wisdom, information, skills, talents, and ability to be the most effective cell possible, is transferred to their offspring. Cells survived and got to the point they are at (820 million years of evolution) through this process.

    Empowered people empower their offspring by eliminating the generation gap. In this, they are accepting their physical death, but at the same time creating immortality.

    8. Cells desire what other cells desire.

    If the body desires something, all the cells desire it to. In meeting the bodies desires (by being committed to the bodies needs), the cells automatically meet theirs.

    Empowered people desire for others, what they desire for themselves. For example, I desire for everyone on this planet to be happy, the only way to be happy is through positive thinking because I know it leads to positive beings of empowerment.

    I desire this for everyone, hence I wrote an article on how to do just that and in turn it makes me happy knowing that others have the potential of being happy. By meeting your desire, my desire is met. I desire for you, what you desire for you.

    9. Cells do not have the ability to rationalize that something is impossible.

    Their main concern is the wellbeing of the body and if the body needs/desires something, then they intend and attend to that desire by paying attention to it. They know that if the body needs/desires something then they have the ability to give it just that, or the need/desire would not be there in the first place. They have nothing to prove, they just follow their purpose.

    Empowered people intend their needs/desires to happen. They apply success by having a conviction point of view that nothing is impossible. They do not allow themselves to think about what they do not desire to happen, since they realize that thinking that way leads to pessimism and thinking pessimistic only leads to more things to be pessimistic about.

    The empowered have nothing to prove to anybody. They do not give their point of view unless asked. They do not argue, debate, or converse in lower energies of this type. They know that getting involved in this kind of conversations leads to frustration and they seek to stay aligned with empowerment.

    10. Cells do not take anything for granted.

    When they see bacteria, they see an opportunity to determine rather it is invading or helpful. No matter what position the cells are in, they always see an opportunity to meet the cells or the bodies needs/desires.

    To the empowered everything in their life is seen as an opportunity, even the setbacks, obstacles, and delays. They are grateful for everything because they realize that there is an opportunity in everything. For example, the setback may lead them to meeting the right person to help them achieve something.

  • http://www.joyfuldays.com Daphne

    Hey Jay,

    I’m reading a book detailing all the ways nature heals itself, and what you say here is so true. There is a logic to the way nature does things and we’d do well to learn from it. The difference is, we can choose our habits with a single thought as you point out, whereas nature takes decades, centuries or millenia to evolve. So we have an advantage here!

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

    Hi Jay,
    Nature is a great example of things working together in harmony. And that’s not unlike the our habits can be – when they work in harmony – we grow and help those around us to grow. And I love nature, so I love this comparison!!

  • qqhuzi

    We are the nature,too.

  • http://jayfrawley.com Jay

    @ Nicholas- That is very interesting about cells. You see, even our own bodies are giving us examples on how to live life. Very cool- thanks Nicholas!

    @ Daphne- Humans certainly have the advantage to change thoughts, but in turn that can be a disadvantage if we do not think the right things- by right things, I mean the things that serve us in positive ways.

    @ Lance- I am glad you enjoyed the comparison. Nature is a great example for us to aspire to be. Let us all live so harmonious in the future!

  • http://mindfulmimi.blogspot.com/ Mindful Mimi

    Hi Jay,
    Telepathy… I have been thinking a lot about habits lately (as you know from reading my blog). I love your post. Nature is the best teacher. And it’s the place we refill our batteries at the same time. For going out, is really going in.
    As Thoreau wrote in Walden ‘We need the tonic of wildness… We can never have enough of nature.’
    Or Shakespear ‘One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin.’
    Or Gladys Taber ‘If we attend to the music of the earth, we reach serenity.’
    Oh and while you’re out there, don’t forget to hug a tree 🙂

  • http://frugalnyc.blogspot.com FrugalNYC

    Hello Jay!

    I just finished reading your post. Great comparison. We are all part of nature and would be wise to learn lessons from nature and be part of it. Instead of manipulating nature, perhaps we can all learn and work with nature 🙂

  • http://www.HennArtOnline.com Henie

    Jay, this is awesome!

    I love what you said about success not being a choice but a result!

    “Into the arms of nature, I surrender my being as I languish in her bosom of harmony and joy!” ~Henie~

  • http://jayfrawley.com Jay

    @ Mimi- Way to throw out the quotes. I loved Walden- read it three times. The part that always stands out for me is when he is standing in the doorway staring out at the trees all day. When is the last time we went outside for 10 minutes and relaxed and be one with nature?

    @ Frugal- Thanks man.

    @ Henie- Thanks- great quote. Do you have a book of quotes?

  • http://www.mihambablog.com Miki

    What we put out is what we get back – nature works together, people work together – whether we realize it or not. – for good and bad!

    Jay, I love how you point out that we have the power to create our habits – again, both good and bad. I would also say that Success is a habit!

    As Lance said, nature is an example of life working in harmony. Imagine the world when more of us are doing exactly that!

    Great food for the mind today Jay!

  • http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com/783/how-to-stay-focused-and-achieve-great-results/ Vincent

    Hi Jay,

    You had written a wonderful article and I love the way you use nature to teach us something about ourselves.

    Personal Development Blogger

  • http://www.staceyshipman.com Stacey Shipman

    This is why I love nature – or just being outside. It’s pure, natural, the way things ought to be, naturally unfolding without effort or tension. I’m with you 100% on this one!

  • http://jayfrawley.com Jay

    @ Miki- Thanks for the kind words. You are very right, we do work together regardless if we believe it- may we work together for good from now on! What a world it would be!

    @ Vincent- Thanks man. As a regular reading of this great blog, it means a lot to me that you came out to give me props.

    @ Stacey- You can just sense it- nature that is. When you go outside, it just feels natural. sometimes I wonder if building houses and chopping down the trees was the right move? I realize we need shelter, but maybe we have gone too far, and removed ourselves too far away.

  • http://jayfrawley.com Jay


    I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take up some real estate on your blog. You have a great thing going here, and you would have every right to hold it hostage. The fact that you allow new bloggers like myself to guest post says a great deal about your character. Thanks again, I hope I did you proud, my dear friend and blogger. 🙂

  • http://www.alexshalman.com Alex Shalman

    Awesome comments from each and every one of you. You make me proud.

    Special thanks to Jay for writing up such an awesome article =)

  • http://createabalance.com Stacey / Create a Balance

    Hi Alex and Jay – When I was on vacation admiring the green trees and the tide, I was reminded of how much modern society takes nature for granted. Just the fact that the moon drives the Earth’s tides is remarkable. So many creatures are dependent on the gravity of the moon – but we don’t spend enough time being aware of our natural treasures. Great post Jay!

  • http://thezeninyou.wordpress.com Caroline (the zen in you)

    Jay, great post here! I remember reading something similar in some Buddhist meditation books I have. Nature is our best teacher. It functions in perfect harmony. This was really wonderful to read today and I enjoyed your great insights.

  • http://Yahoo Lalitha

    Nature teches us to be kind, caring and generous to others.It teaches us to love others unconditionally. We being the super powers of the God’s creation should learn many things from nature to maintain the harmony. There are no differences like colour and creed amon the other beings in the nature. They never harm anything without a purpose. There is a lot to learn from the nature.

  • Liping

    Hello,Jay Frawley
    First, i really want to appreciate having read your articles about the nature of trees and nature of humans. Your writing is so inspiring that it can give us some hit that we humans come to the time to learn something from the silent plants. they can’t talk, they can guide, though. We can talk, we don’t know where to go, however. Thank you again, your writing is touching.

  • http://www.happinessandwisdom.com HappinessandWisdom

    We love the way you’ve defined success! To focus on the success of ourselves AND of others, I believe we will create greater success and happiness for all. Thanks for this post!