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Lewis Howes, a good friend and fellow mutant, is an absolute sensation in the online social networking world. He’s a record holding arena football player, author, networking event planner, ridiculously good networker, and now the owner of his own publishing company.

Lewis Howes has become one of the leading LinkedIn consultants, helping people improve their profiles, connect and network with people in their field, and ultimately place themselves in careers that they love.

Lewis Howes turned his passion for helping people, networking, and LinkedIn, into a book called LinkedWorking, with co-author Frank Agin. The book goes into great deal on LinkedIn techniques, each one backed with a real-life success story from their clients.

Lewis Howes: Football Record Holder to Social Media Tycoon

A freak accident left Lewis Howes temporarily disabled. With a mangled wrist, and a full arm cast, Lewis Howes had to take a brake from sports and look for a creative outlet elsewhere.

Instead of spending 6 hours a day training for sports, Lewis Howes would spend 6 hours a day, in bed, networking with sports professionals on LinkedIn. This wouldn’t be much of a problem for most people, but as a world-class athlete limited from his physical activities, this was another big challenge to overcome.

Luckily his wrist is all better now, and the invaluable experience that he gained from that time, when he turned adversity into opportunity, has gotten him a great career helping people achieve their very own professional goals.

LinkedWorking: Teaches You To Make Real Moves Using Linked In

“I’m on LinkedIn, but not getting any job offers, what am I doing wrong?”

That’s the question that Lewis Howes tackles in both his LinkedIn consulting business, as well as in his book LinkedWorking. Lewis Howes takes real life networking principles and teaches you how to apply them to the tools and applications within LinkedIn.

Lewis Howes has one of the largest networkers on LinkedIn, particularly a sports centered network of individuals who are looking to meet other sports professionals. In the same way that Lewis Howes grew his network, and met all the top people in the sports industry, he consults, and illustrates in his book, how we can do the same thing.

The point isn’t just to make a pretty profile. Lewis Howes teaches us how to stop thinking in terms of old-fashioned resumes and enables us to portray our skills, talents, abilities, hobbies, interests and personality, ultimately creating the persona of the real person that we are, and getting us into the career that we dream of.

What I like about LinkedWorking is that it is riddled with success stories for each of the tools that Lewis Howes presents. You begin to understand how everything that he teaches has been successfully applied time and time again with real people.

418 Publishing: Starting Your Own Publishing Company (Goodbye Middleman!)

After looking at many publishing companies, and considering all their pros and cons, Lewis Howes decided that the best route to take his book from his computer and into our hands was by self-publishing. He then went ahead and created the 418 Publishing company.

In order to self-publish, Lewis Howes had to front some money, find a printer that works with a lot of publishers, apply to work with them, buy ISBN numbers, have a cover designed, have an editor, have someone do the layout and design of the book, and then follow up with marketing efforts.

He describes it as a challenging process at first, but well worth it for him, since he is in the process of doing a book tour, and doing a lot of self-promotion for the product. Marketing would be one of the biggest reasons to get a publisher, but you aren’t guaranteed that your book will be popular regardless, and you’ll end up keeping less money on book sales.

Marketing expert Seth Godin says that out of the 70,000 books published each year, only 100 or so get proper marketing treatment. Odds are you won’t be one of those top 100, and you’ll need to leverage your own network to make sales.

Hosting Networking Events With 300+ People Via LinkedIn

To create all his networking events, all the promotion, sponsors, and venues were found through LinkedIn. Lewis Howes created lists of people in his network, and divided them by cities. A couple of e-mails, stating “free food, half priced drinks, and very cool networking opportunies” and Lewis Howes fills up venues with 300-500 people.

The venues are contacted before hand, and something is planned for an off night when no one usually comes in. Venues are happy to not only do this for free, but offer a 10% on all food and bar sales. Lewis Howes tries to make everyone happy, by announcing sponsors all throughout the night, offering door prizes, and connecting people amongst each other.

The sponsors are happy because they get dozens of qualified leads, the attendees are happy because they meet people in their industry, meet people in positions to offer them jobs, get cool gifts from Lewis Howes, and genuinely leave feeling like they had a productive and fun time.

Lewis Howes Shares His Networking Skills

The most important rule of networking, according to Lewis Howes, is to define your intentions before setting out to an event. By saying “I just want to go out there and have fun,” and not setting up a real goal, you’ll likely pass up a lot of networking opportunities due to lack of focus.

On the other hand, if you create an intention that you’re sure about, and clearly define it, such as, “I want to make 10 quality contacts at this networking event,” then it’s likely that this will happen. With the intention in place, you’ll idle less, talk with more people, put yourself out there, and ultimately walk away meeting the number of people you set out to meet.

I personally think it’s not about the quality of contacts, but the quantity. If you happen to make one real solid relationships from a networking event, then it’s worth 20 loose ones. Regardless, go out there and make it happen, and you won’t have any regrets. Without regrets, you’ll end up having more fun too. Remember what Jim Rohn says, discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons.

Lewis Howes’ Recommended Reading

The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelho: This book is a real easy read, with a great story line, and a message that we can all relate to. It reminds us that life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey that we’re on.

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
: This book is about a talented, olympic bound athlete, that gets injured and loses his ability to compete. After meeting a humble socratic-like gas station attendant, our peaceful warrior pulls himself up, and competes in another event that he’s physically able to – the moral is to take each day as it comes.

Lewis Howes’ Mentors

Lewis Howes tries to surround himself with as many successful and positive people as possible. One of his mentors is Chris Hawker who is a genius eventor. He comes up with the most amazing, simple, and useful inventions.

Another mentor is the old CEO of his college, Stuart Jenkins, who is also a Socratic figure who always has something useful to say. He was involved with licensing the invention of the Nike Air Bubble (the bubble in the sneakers). He also created another company, Skydex, which is seen is Navy ships, as well as used as a matte for pole vaulting.

Lewis Howes’ favorite mentor is his brother Christian Howes. At 19 he was encarcirated for 4 years. After getting out, he turned his life around, and became a music sensation in the Jazz world. Argueably one of the most successful Jazz musicians of our time. He also teaches at Berklee College of in Boston, which I visited yesterday, and travels the world to play for fans.

Final Success Tip:

“Connect with everyone.” A lot of people think they should connect only with people in their network. By reaching out and accepting other connections you expand your second and third degree connections. This exposes you to far more opportunities, because you never know who you’re going to meet, and how they can add value to your life.

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    Great interview Alex and Lewis! This was a very appropriately timed piece in conjunction with Lewis’s LinkedIn presentation today for Joel Comm’s Social Media Bootcamp! I love how you publish written articles on the interview along with the podcast itself. They both have something unique to offer. Great job!!!

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    Get interview, I just recently discovered online networking and joined twitter ( Maybe even an old dog like me can learn some new tricks. Or rather some new tools like online networking.
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