A Fat Girl’s Struggle With Discipline

A Fat Girl’s Struggle With Discipline

Editor’s Note: The picture used in this article is a stockphoto of BBW model @juicyjacqulyn. While this article is meant to encourage self-discipline, and not breed insecurity in people, it should be noted that obesity is directly correlated with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It comes down to doing what will be healthiest for you, a normal weight within a normal BMI – neither obese nor malnourished.

My friend, and future Doctor, Sofiya, shared an inspirational story with me the other day about an acquaintance of hers. We’ll call this acquaintance Margie (not real name).

Margie is a classic example of a girl with no discipline, who let herself go, and was basically shunned by boys because of being overweight, having a low self-esteem, and being a social misfit of sorts.

Margie would complain that guys always treated her badly, and that at 21 years of age she was still not able to forge an intimate connection with a member of the opposite sex. She knew that she had to change, but her chief complaint was always “I can’t.”

I think we can all relate, whether by being there ourselves or knowing someone who wears the “I can’t” attitude around with them, that this is one of the worst mental states to be in. While Margie said she couldn’t lose weight, or didn’t know how, people like Sofiya and other people in Margie’s life would always think to themselves “Of course you can, plenty of other people have, and so can you.” I’m just not sure if enough people were straight up with Margie, or kind enough to zap her into consciousness and get her to take action.

“If you’re one of those people who goes around saying ‘I don’t know what to do,’ please believe me when I tell you that no one around you actually believes your story. You’re more transparent than you realize. To other people it just sounds like pointless whining.”
~Steve Pavlina in Your Wealthy Avatar

If we take a good hard look at some of our excuses, chances are that we’ll be able to laugh and see how ridiculous they are. I mean, come on, people with far less than you and I have accomplished far more.

Discipline: From Rock Bottom

This story might have a happy ending, maybe. I don’t know where Margie will be by the end of her life, but a part of her story stood out in my mind that I wanted to share it with everyone here… with the world.

One day Margie woke up from a night of sleep, I’m guessing it was on a day that she just couldn’t take it anymore and hit something like rock bottom, and decided that from this day forward she would no longer bite her nails. If you’re thinking what does nail biting have to do with weight loss, and how is this going to help her get into a relationship with someone that will be nice to her, then let me explain.

As a side story, I remember listening to an Anthony Robbins audio program, where he described a huge business transaction that he was doing with a very beautiful and powerful woman. The deal was all locked, they were just about to sign on the dotted line and go for dinner, when the woman noticed Anthony’s nails as he was going to sign the contract. His nails were bitten. The woman declared that because Anthony did not have the self-discipline to not bite his nails, then she did not want to do business with him, and the whole deal was off right then and there. Lesson learned.

Margie declaring that she would not bite her nails from this day forward, and as far as I know she hasn’t, was like doing a small workout for her discipline muscle. When we’ve let ourselves go, our discipline muscle has become flabby and atrophied. In order to build it up, we have to work it out by starting small, and then working our way up to bigger and better goals.

Jim Rohn would relate this type of behavior to doing pushups. Do 1 pushups if you can, and rest, then do another. Keep doing this until you’re strong enough to do 2. Rest in between, but don’t rest too long, because if you don’t keep at it, the muscles are going to get weak again.

On a random day after conquering her nail biting habit, Margie woke up, and declared that she would lose 10 lbs of fat from her obese and neglected body. With the confidence of her nail biting conquest to motivate her, and remind her that she can do something she puts her mind to, Margie went on to lose those 10 lbs without a problem. A few declarations later, and Margie has lost a whopping 50 lbs of fat.

From what I hear, Margie looks significantly better and healthier at this point, but still has a lot of work to do. I’m sure that her new found discipline is affecting all areas of her life. I wish Margie the best of luck in succeeding to conquer all her goals in life, and I’m sure that she will meet that special guy, when she’s made herself attractive enough inside and out.

The moral of the story is, stop complaining, stop making excuses, and make a declaration that you will not stand for being less than you can be. Start small, take action, and keep building up to bigger and better goals to create the very best version of yourself that you can dream up.

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  • http://www.TheNiceLife.com Brandon Merhout – TheNiceLife

    The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.

    I defeated my nail-biting addiction a few years ago, and am glad I did. Not only do they look good (and professional … lol Tony Robbins), but the sensation of scratching an itch is much more effective with nails — than with finger “nubs”.

    Plus, I was able to improve my self-discipline in an area I’d never conquered before. And believe it or not, nail-biting was a challenging habit to beat.

    Nice post!

  • http://www.alexshalman.com Alex Shalman

    @Brandon An interesting way a friend of mine defeated nail-biting is by “bitch-slapping” himself across the face every time he caught himself biting. This classic form of NLP (Neuro-linquistic Programing), was very effective in associating nail biting with pain, and ultimately discouraging him to stop biting nails for good.

    Considering he’s one of the most disciplined people I know, this is effective.

    I don’t bite my nails into little stubs, but if they get out of hand (way too long), I notice myself trying to even them out with my teeth. Right away I cut them down to normal, and do not bite them at all. I just think of this as a reminder mechanism for me.

  • http://www.LawOfAttractionSuccessStories.com Jonathan Lockwood

    “…the very best version of yourself that you can dream up.” Right. It seems to me identifying that “yourself” is a step many of us skip as we set off down life’s road. Then we often end up being the best version of someone else that we could dream up.

  • http://www.dragosroua.com Dragos Roua

    That’s inspiring. Nail biting can be a really nasty habit, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but from a social one. It’s so strange to see someone else directing his focus towards his/her nails while you’re having a conversation. It’s like saying: “I can’t focus on that right now, i have anything else to do, sorry”.

    Self-discipline is one of the biggest assets I’ve built out of my entrepreneurship endeavors, it’s a thing that proved tremendously useful in my personal or social life too.

  • Anna

    i think i like this article.. i like this idea of starting out small and building. I always make the mistake of trying to get results too quick and then eventually giving up.. good work!

  • http://www.rheu-osteo-jra.com Cindy

    Boy, a picture speaks a thousand words. It is all so true. Live is a choice. —it is all in attitude.

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  • http://improveminduniversity.blogspot.com/ jonathanfigaro

    The lack of self discipline is the reason for so much need for much mental depletion.
    Self discipline can keep us all in line. We all need discipline in one area or another..

    Where are you lacking in discipline?

  • Nave Morris

    This story is really inspirational! At first Margie didn’t have any discipline and, lost control of herself. Then she changed her problem into something that she would face on. That is really couragous of Margie to do that for herself. It’s even better that she quit the nail-biting habit. I felt bad, however, about the part where Margie said that people picked on her for being overweight. That’s not right at all. People are born differently and they grow differently. I think that Margie looks really cute and sexy just the way she is regardless of her size. All people are born equally regardless of their skin color, heritage, culture, or size. Way to go Margie