50 Signs That Tell You Your Life Sucks!

50 Signs That Tell You Your Life Sucks!

This is a guest post, written by Mark Foo.

It can be tough when you feel that your life sucks. Not only will your daily grind become boring, but your overall existence will be just that – existence. Fortunately, there is much room for improvement even if you consider your life to be totally depressing. But before you set out to make your life better, here are 50 signs that your life is in the doldrums and you need a life makeover.

1. Life has Become One Big Routine

If you think that your life is defined by routines and you actually feel comfortable about it, then it’s a good bet that your life sucks.

2. You Are Horrified About Going to the Office Every Day

If you are dreadful about going to work every single day, you could be among countless men who think that their careers or lives suck.

3. You Can’t Bring Yourself to Focus at Work

Remember your first day on the job? Most likely, you were so inspired that you actually shined your shoes and pressed your coat and tie. But now, you just can’t seem to put any ounce of energy or creativity in your work. You are stuck.

4. You Have Never Been Promoted in Your Job

Your work or career is one big factor in determining if you are living an exhausted life. If you have worked for the same company for 25 years, jumping from one department to the next, without getting promoted, then your life sucks.

5. You Talk About Your Boss Even During Lunch Breaks

If you and your colleagues spend half of your working hours discussing how your boss is such a moron, it is very much likely that you hate your job. Working for a bad boss is like working in hell.

6. Your Paycheck Has the Same Figure for Over Five Years Now

If you have been working for years and your paycheck still has the same amount as when you started, then your company does not value your work.

7. Work Hours Become More Difficult to Predict

So, you signed up for 8-hour workdays. But now, you do not even have any idea how many hours you spend in the office. If your workday stretches beyond normal hours, you no longer have control of your time and it sucks.

8. You’re Not Given the Benefits Promised to You

When you signed your work contract, you were particularly interested in the medical and pension benefits that have been explicitly included in the agreement. But if the benefits that have been promised to you never materialized, you are not being given what is rightfully yours.

9. Everyone Seems to Pull a Fast One on You – Easily

In relation to the above, your work is not the only place where you can be bamboozled. The world is rife with swindlers and scammers. If you have been victimized by shady characters for ten times out of ten, then your life definitely sucks.

10. You Pay for Things That Are Supposed to be Free

If you have been paying for stuffs that are legally given away for free, then you have been fooled and you have not enjoyed life the way others do.

11. You Still Live in Your Parents’ Basement

OK, a friend of mine from the States contributed this one when I was asking around for ideas to create this post. I’m from Singapore, a little tropical country in South-East Asia, so I never understood this western ethos. Anyhow, I’ll just include it here since it is commonly regarded as sucky in the western culture.

12. The First Thing You Do in the Morning is Check Your Social Media Profiles

Your only means of socializing is through your Facebook or other social media profiles. Honestly, you’re not human anymore.

13. Your Idea of a Perfect Getaway is to Watch Videos

Well, now you are not only living off on your parents’ money. You also have lost touch on how it’s like to be human. I’m talking about the fact that your idea of having a perfect night out is to watch old movies or sitcom reruns instead of inviting a girl to a date.

14. Your Idea of Fun is to Use Drugs or Get Wasted

If you can’t be happy without these substances, your life is in the ropes.

15. Being Witty for You Means Passing Chain Letters and Jokes

You can’t even make up your own jokes or sayings. You have to pass on other people’s jokes and stuffs to feel intelligent. Well, you’re not.

16. You See Your Life Crumble Every Time Your Team Loses

Okay, your team lost. Drink a couple of beers, don’t sleep for the night, but please snap out of it. Your life does not depend on your team.

17. You Always Believe That Underdogs Win in the End

With a little cheering from the audience and a truly moving music, you believe that underdogs always win. Well, wake up to reality, man!

18. You Experience Hazing and Bullying Even in Your Flamingo Class

If bullies still pick on you even in your adult years, you have been living a lowly existence at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.

19. You Are Never Invited to Parties

If no one seems to invite you to parties, then no one even notices you exist and it really sucks.

20. All Your Relationships Are Online

Sure, you can have 5,000 friends through popular social sites like Facebook. But if all your friends are nothing but avatars on your screen, then your life is stuck my friend.

21. You Join Bible Tours Just to Find Friends

There is nothing wrong with joining Bible Expos. But if you join these just to find friends, you have serious personal troubles.

22. Even if You Join Bible Conventions, You Still Can’t Grow Your List of Friends

Okay, you joined Bible conventions to find friends and you still fail to grow your list of friends. You are done for my friend.

23. You Look Forward to Talking With a Telemarketer

Speaking of relationships, everyone agrees that life is made more interesting by having real life friends. Awaiting calls from telemarketers just so you can talk to another human being indicates that you are throwing your life away without even knowing it.

24. You Look Forward to Reading Spam Mail in Your Inbox

Again, this means you do not even exist in other people’s lives.

25. All the Numbers in Your Phonebook Belong to Men/Women

We have covered a lot of ground on relationships. But I do believe that we need to build relationships with the opposite sex. If your phonebook only has the contact numbers of your male/female friends, you could be missing out on a lot of fun and excitement.

26. All the Numbers in Your Phonebook Begin with 1-900

This is yet another sign that your life is meaningless.

27. Your Romantic Relationships Always Fail

Okay guys, you made some progress and you actually won the hearts of a few girls. The problem is that all your previous relationships tend to fail before you even get to second base. If you always fail to make your partner happy, you will live your life alone.

28. You Spend Half of Your Time Apologizing

It is okay to be sorry for the wrongs that you have committed. But if you always utter apologies for half the time, then you always feel guilty. This makes you feel bad about yourself.

29. You Gossip and Slander Against Your Colleagues

You are incapable of being happy for others. You are definitely a loser.

30. You Live in Your Past Glories

You are stuck in the past. All you do is reminisce about the time you won a hotdog eating contest. Hey, grow up!

31. You Are Always Very Pessimistic

You can’t see the brighter side of things. It is a wonder you made it this far.

32. You Forgot What It’s Like to Laugh

Laughter has been proven to enhance one’s health for free. So, if you cannot even take advantage of laughter, you truly deserve to live a dull existence.

33. You No Longer Have Any Ambition

No matter how old you are, it is important to have dreams. What would life be without aspirations?

34. You Don’t Respect Yourself and Other People

If you can’t respect yourself, you also can’t respect others. This means you are devoid of positive attitude. You’re a loser.

35. You’re So Closed Minded

You do not even know that life is passing you by, that there are new things to discover out there. Living in your own little shell is pathetic.

36. You Are So Afraid of Change

If you can’t let yourself accept change and you have been living in the past all these years, your life is stuck in a quicksand.

37. When a Man Gets Praised for His Work, You have to Ask if He is Really Happy

This is a sign that you can’t even support people around you. You are selfish. You have to rain on everyone else’s parade. You are a loser.

38. You Quit Before the Challenge Even Starts

Need I say more?

39. You Are Afraid to Take Responsibilities

If you don’t have the mojo to take responsibilities, how can you grab life by its horns? Grow up.

40. You Blame Your Failures on Everyone but Yourself

If you blame other people for the things that go wrong in your life, then you are a coward and afraid of responsibilities.

41. You’re Never Willing to Compromise

You always want to have your way. This is a sign of immaturity. You are a loser whose life sucks.

42. You Cut Off Others to Feel Superior

You cut off others while they are speaking so you would look smart. Well, that’s pathetic.

43. You Think Money is the Ultimate Resource

Yes, I love money. But if you think that life sucks only if you do not have a penny to your name, then you’re wrong. There are other more important things like time and good health.

44. You Buy Your Way through Life

You always think money is the solution. This indicates your lack confidence in yourself.

45. You Do Not Take Pride in Working

You always want the easy way out. If you can’t work for your own good, your life sucks.

46. You See Someone Hurt and You Couldn’t Even Care Less

Again, this is an indication that you can’t feel anything positive in your life. It’s really going to drag you down.

47. Your Friends Can’t Even Depend on You

If the people you love cannot turn to you for help, that’s because they don’t trust you and they are not comfortable asking for your help. Your life sucks big time.

48. You Lack Integrity

If your thoughts and actions are incongruent, your personal values are not that strong. You can’t stand on your own and everything in your life has been copied from others.

49. You Can’t Keep Your Promises

You’re a loser and your life sucks if other people cannot even value your words.

50. You Create Your Own Reality

Finally, the ultimate measure of a life that sucks is the fact that you try to hide from the realities of life. If you conjure up and believe in your own little world and shun reality, you become a coward and your life sucks.

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  • http://www.greatestreviews.net/ fas

    Feels crazy to be a jerk but change is what can really bring excitement to life and work.

  • http://www.waynejohn.com Wayne John

    Oh thanks, like I needed reminding Alex, thanks. hahahaha

    That’s a long list, hopefully anyone can only relate to a few of them. What about if someone relates to all of them?

  • http://frombottomup.com/ Hulbert

    Very direct post Mark. If we do the opposite of many of tips you’ve given us in the article, we can turn some of the negative traits that we may have into more positive traits that can help us succeed.

  • http://www.lionslinger.com Walter

    Going through your list I believe that my life sucks. But I’m making an effort to change it. 🙂

  • Ben

    Terrible. What constructive value does this post have?

  • dude

    51. You make a list of 50 things telling other people why there lives suck.

  • http://www.andinia.com/indexen.html Pablo

    One sure sign that our lives don’t suck anymore appears when we suddenly develop the ability to make a self –critique.

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  • http://www.OptimisticJourney.com Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Great post Mark!

    I believe if we change our focus on life and develop a zeal for life things would change and we would focus so much of this. This is a reminder that we need to step up and be the catalyst of change in our life!

  • http://blog.GrowingOrDying.com Les Dunaway

    Did you notice that the first dozen or so relate to working at a dead-end job that you hate?
    Did you notice that most of the rest are based on viewing things from a victim mentality?
    Who taught you that?
    Come on people! Take control of your LIFE!

  • Joshua

    Technically, EVERYONES life “sucks”. Certain individuals go through different spurts of stages and phases in life where life does NOT suck. But exactly how long does that last? Some go through stages of happiness for several years or even as much as a decade but when it all comes down to it their lives “SUCK”. Know why that is? Simply because mother earth was not created to be a dwelling utopia for the human species. It was meant for trials and tribulations. When you consider that life is about bumpy roads then you can also consider that there is always a worthwhile life lesson behind everything that “SUCKS”. For the people who put on a “front” and pretend that their life does NOT suck, they need to realize that it never lasts. Constant positive attitudes are not devoid from the realms of reality. Yes, it is fact that it’s so much healthier to have a positive attitude for everything, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a victim of an ever so ordinary SUCKY life. Our entire existence is based on the sucky realities of life, but what separates the men from the boys is how the individual reacts to and handles the specific situation.

    • Sergi

      I am surprised with your wisdom and words Joshua. Big respect to you from me!

  • Joshua

    In the span of anyone’s lifetime, the negatives ALWAYS outweigh the positives. Negative experiences are common in life. Hope, Faith, Love, Passion, Dreams, Aspirations, Success, and so on etc..etc…are the things that give people the drive they need to overcome certain obstacles. Life is all about obstacles/hardships/negativity. Some people have emotional and mental handicaps. It’s not our place to judge another person for what they have or haven’t done with their lives. If you see someone who is less fortunate than you, maybe it’s your opportunity to be a guiding light to help them be what they’ve always dreamed to be. Some people have a strong will and natural drive to accomplish. Other people need those same “strong” people to tutor/assist them to make something of their lives. Many have looked to religion, literature, and philosophy as a source of empowerment to achieve in life. Others look into facts from science, history, or evolution. Whatever it may be, in a psychological sense, sometimes it takes more time for others to live a prosperous life. I’m not saying the OP was judgmental but its definitely not our place to be. Even people who are labeled as “weak” can be taught from the correct person to develop a strong will to overcome turmoil.

  • L

    Pessimistic, but to the point. it’s kind of sad that people’s lives are like this.

  • Briannan

    Sitting in class looking for something to cheer me up or make it worse not really sure. Then I run accross this and now I can truly admit my life sucks to the fullest. It has for about 3 years now, and here I thought this was just life being life.Now I’m understanding that life before was so much better than it is now…But I’d like to know does that just mean I’m growing up lol? I’m 17 and life has never been so terrible.

  • bill


    What I think it is what we know when you fall under that dark star you know IT know matter what you do it fails, you can be the best but that dark cloud will find you, I know for a fact only reason I still exist is at least I can make some lifes miserable as long as I live so can you so when you get the urge to give up dont f===k em juse fight back