7 Ways To Cultivate the Ultimate Personal Freedom Through Minimalism

7 Ways To Cultivate the Ultimate Personal Freedom Through Minimalism

I’m glad that you’ve exercised your personal freedom by choosing to stop by my site and give this article a read. I hope that you leave with even more freedom than you came with!

In this life I am free. How is that possible? How can that be when the laws of government and gravity, and the need for food, love, and oxygen bind me? The freedom lives in a place called my mind – boy doesn’t that sound weird?

“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”
~Stephen R. Covey

Free Yourself In Seven Ways

1. Freedom from food. Delectable pastries, succulent flavors, and savory foods of all kinds keep us at their mercy. Even the ones that don’t taste so good, but are necessary for our survival induce us into a slave-like dependence. It doesn’t have to be so.

Solution: Great men by the likes of Gandhi and Buddha were masters of the fast. They would be able to go days, weeks, and even months without food. One time, Gandhi changed the course of peace in India, and the history of the world as we know it, because his mind allowed his body to endure a fast. He was free.

2. Freedom from money.
Clothes, cars, houses, jewelry, and gadgets are all interesting little items that people are willing to directly exchange for their freedom. Credit cards expedite this process by holding us accountable, and thus slaves, to the money that we’ve spend before we had.

Solution: Buy only that which is essential. Better yet, live off of the land. When you stop desiring and consuming, and you start living and producing, you quickly lose money as a personal oppressor and begin to use it, instead of it using you. Being a valuable person, and creating value for the world will take you far.

3. Freedom from government.
They can control our education system, our taxes, and our economy, but it is our choice if we hand our freedom over to them – our government.

One solution would be not to vote, but it would be more useful if it were a unanimous decision. One in which each person decided to do what’s right, live in harmony, peace, and use their natural-born-morals to govern themselves.

4. Freedom from love. Love can really put a choke-hold on an individual. Most people have experienced, or have seen a clingy relationship in their life. One where one person “cannot live” without the other. Bards have sung songs as such, and epic battles have been fought for such love.

Solution: Freedom from love comes when we let ourselves truly experience and accept it. It is as natural as drinking water, and when we allow ourselves to love another human being, truly, and to love ourselves, truly, we disregard our capability to be a slave to love. Instead, we become a vehicle of love, and love itself.

5. Freedom from guilt. This powerful emotion can lead us to do just about anything. Guilt has been known to create marriages and break them. Seen to make people overeat, do drugs, and become violent. In the worst of times man has taken his own life due to feelings of guilt.

Solution: It’s going to take you feeling the pain of the guilt, fully embracing it, and then letting it go in order to rip of the shackles of this emotion. It’s helpful to concentrate on what you can do right now, versus what has happened and what is not an option for you.

6. Freedom from oxygen. The need for oxygen, and our subsequent lack of freedom due to our dependence on it, is based on the concept that we are afraid to die. Death is an integral, unavoidable, and lasting part of our life cycle.

Solution: Freedom comes when we embrace that death will come, accept it, and live our life to the fullest while it is still within our ability to do so.

7. Freedom from ignorance. Perhaps the worst restraints that we can experience in life are those imposed on us by our own mind. The only thing holding us back in life, really, is that which we know. Those opinions and viewpoints that we have established at some moment define how we think and the methods that we use to interpret what we experience.

Solution: Educate yourself. Pick up as many books as you can, read them all, and don’t believe a word of it.

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.”

Freedom: Is it practical?

Is freedom practical? No, not if we’re looking through the eyes of society, our consumerist group-think collective. Society would have trained you to think that what I am saying is wrong, ludicrous, or even disgusting.

Such is expected. By being a mindless drone of the collective, one is suppressing their ability to think freely, consciously, and individually. That’s fine, I accept that for you, and you can too. However, if you choose to be a proactive person of freedom, liberty, and justice – both for yourself and for all – than perhaps putting your self-thinking-cap on will be the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

“To know how to free oneself is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one’s freedom”
~Andre Gide

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  • http://theboldlife.com Tess Bold Life

    These suggestions for freedom come just in time for Independence Day;) I think out of all the one I’ve gained the most from is getting rid of guilt about 25 years ago. Amen to that!

  • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Alex.

    Very cool message here. Feeling the freedom you can get in these various categories provides a lot of power. I know that, for example, when food doesn’t have control over me, I am more energized. I am quite fit in this respect, but I know that some folks wish they had freedom from food.

    Interesting solution there in the section about gaining freedom from ignorance. The ending about not believing the reading makes sense in many applications because information is to be acquired but not always accepted at face value.

    Real freedom is somewhat rare, but able to be reached for.

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  • http://thedropoutkid.com Jonathan Figaro

    I gotta get free!

  • http://mizfitonline.com MizFit

    exercising my FREEEEDOM to stop by and see how you are πŸ™‚

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  • http://None Joanna onywany

    Good work.keep it up.really inspiring messages.

  • http://www.lionslinger.com Walter

    Freedom from our mind is I think the greatest freedom we can have. Our mind controls our thinking and forces us to abide with a system without a question. Only by being aware of the workings of our minds can we really take control of our life. πŸ™‚

  • http://www.freedomonlinetraining@gmail.com Katie Brandt

    I think my biggest turning point in my journal of discovering freedom was when I realized Freedom meant a choice. Your last tip talked about education and I strongly believe that an education – formal or informal – leads to being able to make more choices in all areas of life.

    Great insights! Thanks Alex ~ Katie

  • Neena D’mello

    Hi Alex,
    I have been gettting your messages regularly and it is quite interesting. I have just read the article on “Personal Freedom”. This article is very much inspiring and thought prvoking.

    Great insights!! Many thanks.

    – Neena

  • http://www.mikelitman.info Brian

    Great post…Minimalism seems like a great idea….now … figuring out how to implement it πŸ™‚

  • http://therapistca.com Novan (spiritual therapist, California)

    It is said that ancient people had ways of tapping into Sun and air as energy sources and they never needed food. Would be wonderful if knew the technique

  • http://angryhours.com natasha [from anger to spiritual healing]

    Love of self is true love. It is like a flower that gives out fragrance without expecting nothing in return

  • Emerald the free as can be

    Freedom is magnificent, and it is something that we can all achieve. All of the great achievers of this world, had one thing in common and that was freedom in their hearts. Congratulations on being a free thinker of this world:)

    Live in peace and love. period

  • http://www.arinanikitina.com/ arina nikitina

    Hello, Alex! This one is really profound, and would no doubt stir peoples’ long-held beliefs in what they will realize as restrictions to their mind and soul. For me, freedom is the liberation that the earliest humans experience as they roam about earth for subsistence. If that could be combined with the Renaissance men and women who aspired for and achieved developments in many sciences and areas of humanities, then that would be it. Sadly, we’re witnesses to generations that have been held captives of their own choosing, and it’s usually to our own detriment.

    In particular, we overload ourselves with information we don’t need for personal and intellectual growth, many have very little appreciation for healthy food and lifestyle, relaxation is considered luxurious in terms of time and money and our generation is overly-dependent on gadgets and technologies to get things going. Take away all these “negatives” that bound people and we’d be enjoying great freedom.

    But then again, we live in societies that have expectations. So I think the best way to achieve freedom would be to find it within ourselves – choosing the healthy means to live, pursue spiritual development, let go of ill forces within us and live simply.

    This is really cool, Alex. I’ll find means to share your wonderful ideas soon. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • http://secretcontents.com Vic

    Really great post Alex. Though the post is long, I enjoy reading it all along. I do not believe in absolute freedom. For me, slavery can be bad but also can be good. We can be slave of righteousness, humility and kindness. I better choose to have masters which will bring me good life, than to be absolutely free. We cannot be unlimited, since some limitations are keeping us in the right positions.

  • http://www.choosing-life-my-way.com Amanda@choosing-life-my-way.com

    Very thought provoking article. I believe it is not any external things that prevent us from being free, but rather our attachment to them. Freedom is a choice, and it is our own thoughts that keep us trapped. Thanks for a great read.

  • Vedapushpa

    Hai Alex Shalman ! Thanks for this wonderful ‘fidt’ of yours. Minimalism is a technique/tool towards salvation.. even in the ancient Hindu Yoga School.
    It is known as ‘anima siddhi’ .. the atomic attainment so to say.
    By that you will reach a state of least resistance… etc..

    Your article is a virtual exposition of the Hindu Yogic Animaa siddhi….

    Hope and Wish a greater part of humanity will tend towards this … for as of now… humanity the world over is bogged down by kinds of obesity physical and mental due to too much of food and too much of information.

    Thanks again. You’ve made me Lighter by loads !!

  • Vedapushpa

    Thank you for the wonderful ‘gift’ .. very sorry for the callous mis-spelling…

  • Vedapushpa

    If I may talk of the Minimalism process….. It is something that has to happen from the outside… as much as from the inside mind-state.

    A person can attain the ‘Minimalized state’ in two ways..
    One by his constant allegiance to a Godhead.. as himself/herself being a servant or confidante of God.and not any wau an independent entity by himself./herself.
    And this God-orientation is directly in proportion to the ‘Degree of Neglect and Ignoring’ that he or she gets from the worldly humans…. Hence we find that the Freed Saints always ‘Thank his fellowmen for their tortures’ which has only taken the saint ‘nearer Godhead’…

  • Vj_fire

    Very good post