Meet the Authors: Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi

Meet the Authors: Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~Mark Twain

Now that the second year is behind me I get about a minute to breathe as I transition into clinic and start studying for the board exam.

My idea of using that minute is spending time with good friends, having laughs, eating really healthy food, learning, and meeting interesting people.

This past Thursday I decided to go out and meet two more interesting people, Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi, who were doing a ‘Meet the Authors’ event at the SOHO Apple Store in NYC. They’re both really smart guys, produced very useful best-selling books, are entrepreneurial as hell, and really pride themselves on putting out high quality value.

For me going to the speech wasn’t about capturing every single word that was said. Although, Jim Rohn would say ‘bring a journal, and get all the stuff!’ I feel pretty comfortable with what I already learned from Tim’s book, so what I really wanted was to get one great piece of information, and just meet the boys face to face.

On Protein

So the gem that I took away was about protein consumption. I’ve had success following Tim’s protocol in the 4 hour body, as it pertains to weight-loss, while slighting modifying it to be more primal. Tim encourages the consumption of 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.

This is the same advice I passed on to a few friends as well. However, when they began protein consumption, their weight-loss slowed down, they became discouraged, and stopped the protein intake.

Due to a great question from an audience member, Tim put this problem in very simple terms. Most people are walking around being protein deficient. When they start protein consumption, their muscles finally get enough, and they start to grow. So while they’re losing weight, they’re gaining muscle, their body composition is changing, but their weight is not going down all that quickly.

This is why in my current 21 day challenge I’m running for myself, I’m only weighing myself when I start and on the last day, same with body fat, while keeping track of my inch measurements weekly.

On Guilt

When I spoke to Ramit, I told him that I’ll be coming out of school with about 400k in loans. My 4 year dental school program costs 65k a year. Then there’s the living expenses. It adds up real quick.

Ramit told me what he tells all his friends. There is such a thing as good debt, and paying for a dental degree definitely fall into that category. Sure, it’s different from car debt, gambling debt, or even mortgage debt.

I agree with Ramit on this. That’s why I took it on!


To learn more, you can check out Tim Ferriss at and Ramit Sethi at

What do you guys consider to be good debt? Which author that you read would you like to meet?

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