First off, let me thank you for taking the time to find out who I am. Over the many years that I’ve been writing on this site, this has been the one page that has been the most visited, and also the one that has changed the most.

Part of the allure of personal development is that people can and do change, and tomorrow you have the opportunity to be a different person, with different intentions, and a different outcome. There’s always that chance to reinvent yourself.

My love for personal development started while studying at Rutgers University, and being introduced to the work of Jim Rohn by my group of friends. That has been the gateway to so many fulfilling experiences for me, and created the possibility to grow and become a better person.

Right now I’m studying at NYU Dental School. I have been very passionate about dentistry since I was very young, and I’m looking forward to becoming a fifth generation dentist in my family.

My hobbies have been taking a turn towards nutrition as of late. I have been reading many books and research articles on nutrition, whenever I could squeeze time in between the nearly overwhelming school schedule. Combined with my love for cooking, solid nutrition science, and taking small consistent steps, I have recently been able to lose 16.4 lbs of fat.

Below is my mission statement, what I recommit to being on a daily basis:

  1. I am an outstanding human being in every respect
  2. I am honest, kind, loving, loyal and true – to my family, friends and everyone who knows me
  3. I am a positive, optimistic, confident, warm, friendly person who is admired and respected by everyone
  4. I am an excellent parent (in the future), a fine employer and I do my work in an upstanding fashion every time
  5. I uplift, encourage and inspire everyone I meet – everywhere I go
  6. The possibility that I have created for myself and my life is the possibility of being someone who operates with the greatest good of all in mind, and the possibility of living in the present.