07 Adam Braun – Reinventing Higher Education


07 Adam Braun – Reinventing Higher Education

07 Adam Braun – Reinventing Higher Education

Adam Braun on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanAdam Braun is a New York Times bestselling author, an entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of MissionU.

At only 25, Adam founded Pencils of Promise and worked to bring access to education to children all around the globe.

Adam’s new mission is fixing the broken higher education system in the US with his new project, MissionU.

In today’s episode we dive into why Adam believes higher education needs to be fixed, how MissionU is different from everything else on the market, and how it prepares students for today’s competitive job market in just one year.

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“When you are accepted to MissionU, we invest in you.” – Adam Braun

 Show Notes:

  • How having children has changed Adam’s purpose in life
  • How the US higher education system is broken
  • Why the cost of education has gone up so much
  • What makes MissionU different from everything else on the market
  • What the future of work looks like
  • The 8 core skills that MissionU teaches
  • What traditional universities think about MissionU
  • Why MissionU started recruiting employers before students
  • Who can apply to MissionU
  • How MissionU hopes to work with traditional institutions of higher education

“There was an opportunity to build a college alternative for the 21st century.” – Adam Braun

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“What are you uniquely positioned to accomplish that you feel like nobody in the history of the world could do?” – Adam Braun

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