Ask The Readers: Criticize My Presidential Speech

I ran for the position of Class Council President for my New York University School of Dentistry class – for our first year. I lost. While not every attempt can result in a win, I believe that we can learn from just about everything.
The sound quality isn’t the best, but it’s doable – I’m putting […]

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Ask The Readers: What’s Your Suicide Story?

Ask The Readers: What’s Your Suicide Story?

The topic of suicide is very much a taboo, one that most people shy away from. Despite the proclaimed anathema, suicide continues to be a huge problem, whether we think about it or not. I’m shocked to see some of the statistics for teenage suicide, as well as for adults.
“Anyone desperate enough for suicide…should be […]

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Ask The Readers: What Life Experiments Will You Have Me Do?

I’ve been speaking through e-mail with my friend Steve Pavlina. He stresses that since my site is getting a good amount of traffic now, it’s becoming increasingly important for me to do something riskee. That is, to take a risk and do something different.
Something about that rings painfully true. If I’m going to keep doing […]

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Ask The Readers: Questions For A Rabbi

In a couple of weeks, from August 12 to 24, I’m going to be away at Mt. Sinai retreat. It’s basically a personal development retreat where we’ll get to do fun activities, have courses on self-improvement through Judaism, and hang out with one of the Holiest Rabbis in the world – Rabbi Gershenfeld.
From what I’ve […]

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Ask The Readers: What’s Your Pleasure?

Pleasure is the ultimate goal of every human, from the most ignorant to the wisest, and from the most arrogant to the most humble. Pleasure is the ultimate goal, whether you like it or not.
However, pleasure has many dimensions, and perhaps isn’t as straight forward as you once imagined it to be. I have previously […]

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Ask The Readers: Work Hard, Or Work-Life Balance?

Today I was reading an article written by the CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian. His public relations firm has been the fastest growing for four years running and currently has about 100 employees. He represents companies such as Barnes & Noble, Evian, McDonald’s, Sean John, XM Satellite Radio, and LifeStyle Condoms just to name a […]

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Ask The Readers: Identify Your Biggest Time Sinks

You guys really stepped up to the plate last week when I asked for Your Best Tip To Waste Money from which we created the Experienced Wasters: 100 Ways To Blow Your Debt Through The Wall.
Many people related to and said they would take action when they saw the final product. What’s the reason for […]

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Ask The Readers: Your Best Tip To WASTE Money

You guys have been so good with the commenting in the past couple of months, that I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know more of you than ever before.
This is why I’ve decided to add a new type of post to the site called Ask The Readers. You guys are a really smart bunch, […]

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