Law of Attraction: Is It A Gimmick?

A blog is a conversation between the writer and the readers that takes place from the posts into the comment box.
Many moons ago I was inspired by One2One conversations between Liz Strauss and Dawud Miracle.
They weren’t your standard post to comment box conversation, they actually took place between their blogs, as one would ask a […]

5 Magic Steps To Get Crystal Clear About The Law of Attraction

WARNING: Reading this post will open the door to endless possibilities. It contains a proven step-by-step system on how to turn your thoughts into money or anything else. But first, let’s watch a clip from Will Smith, one of the best actors in the world:

Is it just me or was he having some trouble trying […]

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Law of Positioning is Greater Than Law of Attraction

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Mr. Positioning (Stanley Bronstein).
If you’ve heard about “The Secret”, you’ve no doubt heard about the Law of Attraction. But, have you heard about the Laws of Positioning™? The Laws of positioning™ are quite different from the Law of Attraction. I’ve here to tell you that the […]

Reaching Your Target Weight Does Not Get Any Simpler Than This

One thing that can be said for New Year’s Resolutions is that they’re over and done with. The reason resolutions don’t work, is because we think of them as a change, rather than a transformation. A change associates something better and different with the previous worse version. It leaves you in a state of comparison. […]

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Law of Attraction: What You Think About Expands

I have been having a lot of positive correlations lately with the energy I put out into the universe and what the universe serves back to me. I used to be somewhat more skeptical about the law of attraction, but now as I put it into use and examine it, I find more and more […]

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Achieving Your Dreams – One Step at a Time

One of the basic human dilemmas is that people often have ambitious goals, some of them are larger than life, but standing at the foot of a mountain could be a bit intimidating. So what can we do?
Achieving your dreams is merely the process of taking your intentions and transforming that energy, through action, into […]