Killer Productivity Software Duo for Macs

Killer Productivity Software Duo for Macs

I hate to give too much of my personal power away to technology, but, getting the MacBook Pro last summer has totally changed my life. Mostly because it made me even more addicted to the internet, but also because it opened up many opportunities in the way I interact with multimedia, and this website.
Seriously, the […]

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Review and Sponsorship: Pickup Podcast

Review and Sponsorship: Pickup Podcast

Please help me give a warm welcome to our new sponsor, the Pickup Podcast, who got themselves a six month banner package (12/20/08 – 6/20/09), as well as this review. Getting a six month package was wise on their part, since the growing traffic on this site will mandate higher prices. This won’t affect them, […]

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Tools To Life: Changing The Human Spirit

When Tools To Life requested a review from me I automatically thought about how they’re going to be monetizing their site to get that money back. To my surprise they offer a completely free service that supports communities, blogs, personal profiles, and motivation articles. Yes, all that and more for free.
Tools to life is completely […]

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The Essentials of A Good Work Out: Urban Rebounding Review

For the past month I’ve been having some excellent workouts. Workouts that I’ve been really looking forward to. Some people would argue that work outs should be strictly work and no play, but I disagree. I think it’s possible to have a lot of fun while getting your work done at the same time.
If you’re […]

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David B. Bohl: The Life Coach of Slow Down Fast

David B. Bohl is the life coach and author at Slow Down Fast. David went from the fast track of owning and operating a financial firm that was taking over his life to recapturing life balance and cultivating a truly happy existence.
Trained as a professional life coach by the Denver Coach Training Alliance David has […]