Israel: The Holy Origins of Personal Development

I recently came back from the opportunity of a life time. A 2 week subsidized and organized trip, with 45 people, to Europe and Israel, to see, learn, and experience what it means to be Jewish. The trip was generosily sponsored by a Gateways branch called Russian American Jewish Experience.
To say that this trip was […]

Panama Trip: The Video (and Guest Post)

A couple of weeks ago I decided to think outside the box and do something spontaneous. I flew over to Panama to hang out with the guys from Life Nomadic, and went to the best carnival I have ever been to in my life. The trip was a total blast, and something I will always […]

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The Weekend Retirement Test Drive: Panama

Sunday afternoon I landed in Panama to join the guys from Life Nomadic, and began my weekend mini-retirement (my weekend is Sunday-Wednesday this week – but that’s all part of thinking outside the box). This definitely ripped me out of my usual weekly routine and I had to make certain arrangements in order to make […]

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Life Nomadic: Arriving In Panama

After reading about all the fun Tynan and Todd were having with their Life Nomadic project, I decided to see what it was like for myself. The idea was brought up, and the plan was concrete all within a couple of minutes. I’m not that difficult to convince, and a fun adventure is not something […]

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