04 Jared Kleinert – Millennial Super Connector


04 Jared Kleinert – Millennial Super Connector

04 Jared Kleinert – Millennial Super Connector

Jared Kleinert on Successfully NY21-year-old Jared Kleinert has been named USA Today’s “most connected millennial.” He is a TED speaker, a marketing consultant for billion-dollar brands, and the award-winning author of 2 Billion Under 20 and 3 Billion Under 30.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about how Jared became so successful so quickly, his strategies for seeking out professional opportunities and mentors, and the importance of bringing value to every interaction.

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“Think consciously about major life decisions.” – Jared Kleinert

Jared Kleinert on Successfully NY

Show Notes:

  • Why Jared chose not to go to college
  • How Jared thinks about major life decisions
  • Jared’s strategy for seeking out mentors
  • What is calculated free work?
  • Alex’s experience getting into dental school
  • Why it matters who you surround yourself with
  • The three types of mentors
  • How to write strategic cold emails
  • How to bring value to every interaction
  • Jared’s five pillars of success

“Surround yourself with amazing people.” – Jared Kleinert

Links Mentioned:

Jared Kleinert | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

“When you are reaching out to someone, lead with the value you can provide to them.” – Jared Kleinert

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