08 Jennifer Rhodes – Matchmaking Master


08 Jennifer Rhodes – Matchmaking Master

08 Jennifer Rhodes – Matchmaking Master

Jennifer Rhodes on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanJennifer Rhodes is a psychologist and the founder of Rapport Relationships, a boutique relationship agency that provides dating coaching, consultation, and matchmaking services.

Jennifer is all about creating meaningful relationships and bringing her clients the confidence to lead in their lives and in their relationships.

Join us for a conversation about seduction, how emotional intelligence can be learned, and why it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone.


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“You cannot seduce someone if you are insecure yourself.” – Jennifer Rhodes

Jennifer Rhodes on Successfully NY with Alex Shalman


 Show Notes:

  • How a full service agency changes the dating game
  • The differences between East and West coast dating
  • How dating is different in other countries
  • The age range of the clients Jennifer works with
  • What you can learn about someone from their apartment
  • How seduction is misunderstood in modern society
  • How anxiety interferes with dating
  • How to learn emotional intelligence
  • Why it’s important to leave your comfort zone
  • Why dancing is a great skill for dating

“Most people don’t understand that seduction is supposed to be a gift to someone else.” – Jennifer Rhodes

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“We are starting to shift away from this period where success is related just to money.” – Jennifer Rhodes

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