This is the best time in history to sign up for this personal development newsletter. The reason for this is because I’m finally prioritizing this newsletter in order to make it a special and feature rich experience for you.

What you can expect from this newsletter, in the very near future, is a bi-weekly broadcast of:

  1. Personal Development Tips & Tricks
  2. Bi-weekly Personal Challenges
  3. Favorite Motivational Quotes
  4. Free eBook: How To Get A Girlfriend

I will also be very happy to broadcast exclusive deals on self-improvement products outside of the normal posting schedule. I’m not sure on what kind of frequency I’ll be doing this yet, but it won’t be random annoying spam – only the best products and services.

Speaking of spam. This e-mail list will never be sold, rented, or misused. Your privacy is very important to me, and I’m putting my professional reputation at stake when I collect your e-mail address.

Another thing to look forward to is a complete aesthetic overhaul of the newsletter. It will sport website logo and colors, as well as beautiful section headings and arrangements to fill the sections I’ve mentioned above, as well as the possibility of a space for a sponsor.