I’m proud to say that this website offers over 330+ free articles and now supports free podcasting and video. I really do enjoy waking up in the morning with the intent of enabling you to be happy, healthy, and productive individuals.

In order to produce content for the site I have to do a lot of reading, thinking, and writing. A lot of times I’ll take a complicated idea, or a lengthy book, and simplify it into a 750 word article. Many times this is very effective, because without me doing this, someone might never get introduced to these life-changing concepts.

Despite me offering my point of view, I’m big on encouraging independent thinking. This is why I recommend reading the full book, watching the whole video, or listening to the entire CD instead of only getting my abbreviated interpretations. That is why I am including some of my favorite products, so that you can personally check them out.

Online Business and Site Building

  1. Affiliate Theme Review – One of my sites. It explains the benefits of having an Affiliate-specific theme.
  2. Project Mojave Review – One of my sites. A step by step guide to creating an online business.

Dating, Relationships, and Intimacy

  1. Looks Don’t Matter – An encouraging dating tale about a fat, bald, ugly guy who gets the ladies by being himself and performing correctly in social situations.
  2. How To Get Your Girlfriend Back – Sometimes break ups are meant to happen, and other times we just know that it’s meant to last. If you’re sure it’s real and you need to get that relationship back on track, then this is the book for you.
  3. Getting Her Back For Good – Another alternative to getting your loved one back. This one from a famous relationship expert.
  4. 1000 Questions for Couples – Whether dating or married, these questions are sure to not only bring intimacy into your relationship, but also to get you working as a team towards common goals.
  5. Romantic Guide to Popping The Question – 101 Marriage Proposal Ideas – This guide covers everything from inexpensive, elaborate, and intimate proposals. Narrowed down from over 7,000 stories to bring you the very best from around the world.
  6. Ultimate Love, Dating, Sex Collection – World renowned Oprah relationship expert offers up all his “not-available-in-stores” books for a hugely discounted price.
  7. 300 Creative Date Ideas – A unique date idea for just about any event or occassion that you can think of.

Sex Tips and Guides

I hope this isn’t too taboo for some of my readers, but I think great sex is very important to enjoying your relationship.

  1. The Ultimate Home Tantra Course – This course teaches men how to last as long as they want, and it teaches women how to reach orgasmic potential. It’s the ultimate home study course for sex.
  2. Lick by Lick – This guide shows you how to perform proper oral sex on a woman.
  3. Blow by Blow – This is similar to the guide above, but it’s for giving oral sex to men.

Productivity, Organization, and Simplicity

  1. Todoodlist |Review|- A step away from technology and towards getting things done in a simple life.
  2. Little Book of Productivity – This book contains 99 productivity principles that will get you to beat procrastination, get organized, stay energized and automate your workflow.
  3. Web Warrior Tools – This website offers a handful of books on productivity and self-improvement.

Hypnosis, Persuasion, and Communication

  1. Hypnotic Library – Every one of Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic products at a huge discount.
  2. Hypnotic Selling Secrets – The now famous Hypnotic Selling Secrets home study course dramatically increases your traffic, sales, conversions and your business – guaranteed.
  3. Get Applause Now |Review|- A full system for delivering amazing presentations featuring the world champion of public speaking.