01 Thomas Edwards – Becoming the Real Life “Hitch”


01 Thomas Edwards – Becoming the Real Life “Hitch”

01 Thomas Edwards – Becoming the Real Life “Hitch”

Thomas Edwards on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanWelcome to Successfully New York, a podcast that introduces you to the influencers, super creatives, and just all around awesome people of New York City.

My first guest on the podcast is Thomas Edwards, a professional wingman and the founder of The Professional Wingman, a business that helps professional singles develop better social skills and gives them the ability to have successful long term relationships.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about how Thomas turned his passion into a business, what it’s like to work as a wingman, and why his unique approach has brought him success.

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“I have the best job in the world and I don’t even see it as a job, I see it as something that I get to give to so many people.” – Thomas Edwards

Show Notes:

  • How to turn your pastime into a business
  • How Thomas gets into the zone for work
  • Why flexibility is key
  • How Thomas landed his first clients
  • What it’s like to love your job
  • Entertaining stories from the wingman field
  • Why experiential learning is effective
  • How changing your language effects your reality
  • The link between physicality and psychology
  • Why it’s vital to keep evolving your business

“With passion comes patience and planning.” – Thomas Edwards

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“Get into a positive state, so you can take positive action, and so you can start to create positive progress that leads to positive results.” – Thomas Edwards

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