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Thank you for clicking over from twitter. I’m looking forward to building a relationship with you, learning more about you, and helping out whenever I can, however I can. Please watch this quick video about me, and then feel free to browse the links on the bottom, where I have included some features of this site.

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First of all, the heart of this site is the Blog. Since December, 15th, 2006, I have written over 350 articles here, and a few dozen for other websites. For a short time now I have been doing a Podcast where I interview very successful people, and get at the secrets and fundamentals that they use to excel in their career and life.

In my free ebook, How to Get a Girlfriend, I write about the “proper” way to form solid, healthy, and long-term relationships. Despite the title, these aren’t limited to boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but include fundamental principles that might take your business and friendship relationships to the next level. I hope you enjoy it.

As the video points out, you can browse over 350 of my articles in the “All Posts” section of the site. Sign up to my newsletter, where I share personal development tips, and some personal stories (No Spam!).

Since I’m a twitter guy, like yourself, I have put in a ‘Tweet This’ button on the bottom of all the posts (feel free to use it as much as you like), and a display of my latest tweet in the sidebar, in case you’re wondering what I’m thinking about.

Feel free to e-mail me about anything, but please use the contact form for the first e-mail, it helps me to avoid spam. I’d also love it if you introduced yourself in the comments below, and no, you’re not limited to 140 characters.

Thanks for watching, listening, and reading. You guys are the best!