11 Ben Sturner – Winning with Win-Wins


11 Ben Sturner – Winning with Win-Wins

11 Ben Sturner – Winning with Win-Wins

Ben Sturner on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanBen Sturner is the founder of Leverage Agency, a full-service sports, entertainment, and media marketing agency that works with high profile clients around the world. Ben also started the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, bringing students to New York City for internships with premium sports organizations.

In today’s show we chat about how Ben started Leverage Agency out of his apartment, some of Ben’s tried and true sales strategies, and how to build a motivated and effective team.

This episode is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to take their business strategy to the next level!


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“When your back is against the wall, that’s when the best things happen.” – Ben Sturner

 Show Notes:

  • How Ben’s sports career began…at the Olympics
  • The major challenges of Ben’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Ben focused on relationships to build Leverage Agency
  • Sales tips from a master
  • The importance of storytelling in sales
  • Why Ben started The Manhattan Sports Business Academy
  • What is the Urban Fitness League
  • How to build a motivated and effective team

“One of the most important things as an entrepreneur is being able to let go.” – Ben Sturner

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“You can’t teach hunger and drive.” – Ben Sturner

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