10 Dr. Michael DiMarco – Being the Best Version of You

Dr. Michael DiMarco is a chiropractor, the owner of Health Fusion Wellness, and the host of SoulAbility Podcast.

Michael is all about finding your passion and gaining knowledge to be a better version of yourself.

Tune in to learn how Michael became interested in alternative therapies, what Health Fusion Wellness is all about,

09 J. Alexander Martin – Lessons Learned from Making Money Like Crazy

J. Alexander Martin is the co-founder and vice president of FUBU and the founder and
president of FUBU Television Network.

In today’s episode we chat about J’s new book, Money Makes Me Crazy, co-authored with Ted McLyman. We discuss J’s successful fashion career as an entrepreneur with FUBU, why J decided to write a book about the mistakes he made along the way,

08 Jennifer Rhodes – Matchmaking Master

Jennifer Rhodes is a psychologist and the founder of Rapport Relationships, a boutique relationship agency that provides dating coaching, consultation, and matchmaking services.

Jennifer is all about creating meaningful relationships and bringing her clients the confidence to lead in their lives and in their relationships.

Join us for a conversation about seduction,

07 Adam Braun – Reinventing Higher Education

Adam Braun is a New York Times bestselling author, an entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of MissionU.

At only 25, Adam founded Pencils of Promise and worked to bring access to education to children all around the globe.

Adam’s new mission is fixing the broken higher education system in the US with his new project,

06 Natalie Elisha – Living the New International Dream

Natalie Elisha’s newly published The Millennial’s Guide to the Universe: How to Live the New International Dream is any millennial’s must-have guide to success.

Join us for today’s episode as Natalie takes us on the journey of how she became a successful young lawyer and built her 7-figure law practice.

We also drill into what we can look forward to in Natalie’s new book,

05 Andy Ellwood – Salesman in the Startup Age

Andy Ellwood is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, consultant, Forbes contributor, and superstar salesman in NYC’s tech and startup community.

Andy has sold everything from private jets to apps, and believes that in some aspect of their life or career everyone is in sales.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear Andy’s startup success stories,

04 Jared Kleinert – Millennial Super Connector

21-year-old Jared Kleinert has been named USA Today’s “most connected millennial.” He is a TED speaker, a marketing consultant for billion-dollar brands, and the award-winning author of 2 Billion Under 20 and 3 Billion Under 30.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about how Jared became so successful so quickly,

03 Rob Gregg – Stepping with Courage

Rob Gregg is the founder and CEO of luxury performance shoe line Rob McAllan, a GQ Insider and the Head of Business Development for #1 marketing tech platform GeistM.

With over ten years of experience in brand strategy and business development, Rob offers invaluable tips about how to make your brand stand above the rest.

02 Nick Onken – Living Life in Full Color

This week’s guest on Successfully NY is Nick Onken. A celebrity photographer, artist, and the host of Nion Radio.

Nick creates art that inspires people to create their moments and life that they want.

In today’s episode we discuss how to become the director of your own life, how Nick turned his creativity into a successful business,

01 Thomas Edwards – Becoming the Real Life “Hitch”

Welcome to Successfully New York, a podcast that introduces you to the influencers, super creatives, and just all around awesome people of New York City.

My first guest on the podcast is Thomas Edwards, a professional wingman and the founder of The Professional Wingman, a business that helps professional singles develop better social skills and gives them the ability to have successful long term relationships.