20 Misha Hyman – Food as Medicine


20 Misha Hyman – Food as Medicine

20 Misha Hyman – Food as Medicine


Misha Hyman on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanMisha Hyman is a chef on a mission to heal communities with thoughtful and healthful foods. Through basic principals of nutrition and lifestyle, Misha’s Health Warrior Project works to bring people and larger communities to optimal health. Misha ultimately aims to use the natural healing power of food to help people rediscover the important connection between body and mind.

In today’s episode, Misha discusses his background in health and wellness, and how his love for food transformed into a mission to help disadvantaged communities. Misha shares his own personal health journey and how that has informed his work and greater understanding of a range of social problems in America today.

Tune in to hear Misha’s thoughts on the growing urban farming market, how food can be leveraged for socio-economic change, and tips for healthier food shopping.

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“You can’t really get healthy unless your community gets healthy in my opinion.” – Misha Hyman

Show Notes:

  • How Misha discovered his love for food and cooking
  • Why food should be seen as a key component to social mobility
  • How The Health Warrior Project is bringing their community health-based model to low-income communities
  • How community organizations influence Misha’s mission
  • The benefits of connecting urban farms nationally
  • Where to source quality food products
  • Misha’s advice for food shopping

“One of my earliest memories is walking into a garden and picking tomatoes for a salad.” – Misha Hyman

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | The Health Warrior Project

  • “Most people have no idea how food can actually make you feel better, and by most people I would say ninety percent of my clients.” – Misha Hyman

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