14 Steve Weatherford – From NFL Star to Fitness Influencer


14 Steve Weatherford – From NFL Star to Fitness Influencer

14 Steve Weatherford – From NFL Star to Fitness Influencer

Steve Weatherford on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanSince leaving the NFL after a stunning 10 year career, Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford hasn’t stopped hustling. Today, Steve lives out his passion for helping people to achieve optimal fitness and develop their best bodies.

For Steve, it’s all about fitness, family, faith, and philanthropy. When you work hard and let your passions guide you — you keep winning.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn how Steve got to the NFL, why Steve chose fitness as his new platform to connect with people, and how you can use visualization and motivation to achieve your goals.

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“I want to be so impactful in people’s lives that they forget I ever played in the NFL.” – Steve Weatherford

 Show Notes:

  • Why Steve left the NFL
  • The benefits of narcissism
  • Who Steve wants to reach through fitness
  • How Steve balances his passions
  • Why family is a priority for Steve
  • How to use visualization to create the life you want
  • Steve’s morning motivation technique
  • Why consistency is key to fitness
  • Steve’s take on steroid use
  • Where Steve is headed next

“There’s only two things I’m going to do in life: I’m going to win or I’m going to learn.” – Steve Weatherford

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Steve:

Weathford Fit | Instagram | Facebook

“If Tony Robbins could make a baby with The Rock, that’s what I want to be.” – Steve Weatherford

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