19 Amber Rae – Choosing Wonder Over Worry


19 Amber Rae – Choosing Wonder Over Worry

19 Amber Rae – Choosing Wonder Over Worry

Amber Rae on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanAmber Rae is an author, speaker, artist, and wild truth teller. Amber’s new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry, is an invitation to face your fears, wake up your truth, and get to the source of what’s holding you back.

In today’s episode Amber tells us about her own journey of self-discovery and what led her to write Choose Wonder Over Worry. Tune in for practical tips on how to see yourself more clearly, feel emotions without getting lost in a dramatic story, and open yourself up to wonder, while still heeding the valuable advice of worry.

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“I’m committed to living a life that is true over one that is comfortable.” – Amber Rae

 Show Notes:

  • Why Amber wanted to write a book
  • Amber’s conundrum… the safe book or the true book?
  • Why choose wonder over worry
  • The three Cs to see yourself more clearly
  • Why Amber left everything to find herself
  • How to let emotions move through you
  • Amber’s biggest aha moments
  • How wonder and worry can coexist
  • Where wisdom comes into the picture

“If we want things to be clear in our lives, first we have to create clarity within ourselves.” – Amber Rae

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“The point is not to make the fear go away, but to learn how to dance with it.” –  Amber Rae

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