18 John Romaniello – Shining a Light on Depression


18 John Romaniello – Shining a Light on Depression

18 John Romaniello – Shining a Light on Depression

John Romaniello on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanJohn Romaniello is the CEO of Roman Fitness Systems, an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a writer in the fitness space.

In the last few years, John has started to transition away from the fitness world in order to concentrate on advocating for mental health and depression awareness.

In this episode, John discusses why he decided to start sharing about his battle with depression, how he considers life as a series of Hero’s Journeys, and his take on modern marriage and polyamory.

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“I didn’t know how to sit down and look somebody in the eye and talk to them about depression, so I did the only thing that I’ve ever really known how to do — which is write.” – John Romaniello

 Show Notes:

  • John’s journey from fitness guru to mental health advocate
  • John’s battle with depression
  • Why John chose writing as the way to share his story
  • The challenge of explaining depression to someone who has never experienced it
  • Make your bed… How to take control of your life with simple steps
  • Psychedelics as medicine
  • What is the Hero’s Journey?
  • The complexities of modern marriage and polyamory

“A lot of people look at non-monogamy as a lifestyle choice, I have come to regard it more as a sexual orientation.” – John Romaniello

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“New York is the absolute center of the universe.” – John Romaniello

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