17 Lisa Lippman – NYC’s Celebrity Vet


17 Lisa Lippman – NYC’s Celebrity Vet

17 Lisa Lippman – NYC’s Celebrity Vet

Lisa Lippman on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanDr. Lisa Lippman is known as NYC’s celebrity veterinarian. Lisa works with high profile clients — and some high profile patients — as a home service vet in New York City. Lisa will care for your pet in your apartment, your house, your jet, your yacht — there’s no place she won’t go.

Listen in as we discuss why Lisa wanted to be a vet, the pros of a home visit for your pet, tips for adopting a pet, and Lisa’s take on pet cloning.

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“I love people who love their pets.” – Lisa Lipmann

 Show Notes:

  • Why Lisa dreamed of being a veterinarian
  • What a home service vet has to offer for pets and pet owners
  • Is telemedicine the future of pet health?
  • What it’s like to work with high profile clients
  • Should you clone your pet?
  • Pro tips for adopting a pet
  • The challenges Lisa has faced growing her practice
  • How Lisa gets her name out there
  • Lisa’s craziest on the job pet stories…

“In New York City there’s about five requests a week to clone your dog.” – Lisa Lippman

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“If you can be happy each day, that’s success for me.” – Lisa Lippman

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