13 Quddus – Where Authenticity Meets TV


13 Quddus – Where Authenticity Meets TV

13 Quddus – Where Authenticity Meets TV

Quddus on Successfully NY with Alex ShalmanQuddus burst into the international spotlight as a host on MTV’s Total Request Live. After years of experience interviewing and developing stars, Quddus is now coaching others to be their most authentic selves in front of the camera through his new media training company, Camera Ready.

In today’s show, we chat about what it means to be truly authentic, Quddus’s most inauthentic TV moment, Quddus’s most rewarding TV moment, and how Camera Ready supports people to be their best selves and optimize their impact.

Also, learn why Quddus loves cats! Tune in meow!

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“I understand best self as that which is authentic.” – Quddus

 Show Notes:

  • What is authenticity
  • Quddus’s most inauthentic TV moment
  • Quddus’s journey from MTV to now
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Lessons learned from nature
  • The best TV interview of Quddus’s career
  • Why Quddus started coaching
  • What Quddus would tell his younger self
  • How to apply for Camera Ready

“Being humble is the greatest gift anyone can give themselves.” – Quddus

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  • Join Quddus in giving back through Generosity
  • Connect with Quddus:

Quddus TV | Camera Ready | Instagram | Facebook

“We need everybody who’s out there who has something to lift up the world, to be as powerful as possible right now.” – Quddus

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